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Product SKU: APC-SG802-AC-T500

Build Your Own Kit TELESCOPIC Sliding Gate Opener with Typhoon 800 Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Automation System

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  • Telescopic Sliding Electric Gate Automation System With Spring Limits - Sliding Gate Opener

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Build Your Own Kit TELESCOPIC Sliding Gate Opener with Typhoon 800 Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Automation System

Product SKU: APC-SG802-AC-T500

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$875.00 $925.00 APC Automotion Plus Sale

  • Or in 4 payment of $218.75 with afterpay info
  • Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Telescopic Kit Supports up to 2m Per Gate and 250Kg per Gate

  • Kit Includes

    01 Clydsdale 500 Telescopic Gate System (4.5m Each Gate/500Kg) (QTY: 1)
    02 APC Typhoon SG802 AC 800KG Sliding Gate Motor with Power Cord (Built in Control Board) (QTY: 1)
    03 APC Four Button Keyring Remote (QTY: 2)
    04 Two FREE Sunvisor Remote Controls (Promotion) with every Electric Gate Automation Kit order. (QTY: 2)
    05 115mm High Bolt Down Anodized Gate Stop (QTY: 2)
    06 520mm Nylon Rack (QTY: 8)
    07 Gate Sensor | APC Photoelectric Gate Safety Sensor - Safety Beam Infrared Photocell Gate Sensor Detector (QTY: 1)
    08 10m 4 Core Non Shielded Cable (QTY: 1)
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Product Information

Typhoon 800 AC Sliding Gate Automation System with Soft Start & Soft Stop Feature

Strong & Durable


With its Soft Start/Soft Stop feature the APC Typhoon 800 brings the gate up to operating speed and down to a stop gently significantly increasing the motors operating life whilst decreasing the jolting movement incurred when the feature is not available.This feature can also simply be turned off if not required.

The 450W Internal motor allows for an 800kg capacity making it the ideal candidate for the majority of gate installations.

Ready to go the on board receiver will accept the entire range of current APC High Security wireless control systems and accessories such as wireless keypads, push buttons and an extensive range of  remotes. Perfect for a simpler of no wiring needed installation.


All In One Motor Design



Ultra compact, sleek design and with some clever re-arrangement the APC Typhoon 800 is one of the smallest physical footprint systems on the market with zero compromise in the motor or gearbox size. The bottom cast alloy section is powder coated in a ultra durable hammer tone grey finish whilst the top cover sports a lighter gloss grey making it perfectly neutral and suited for any garden or driveway

With separate open and close inputs as well as an shared open/close input the APC Typhoon 800 will support just about any wired accessory and  can be connected for a specific direction or to operate both. Perfect for Keypads, Push buttons, Induction Loops or Smart Devices such as Wi-Fi switches or GSM controllers.

Pre wired with the AC power cable and fitted with an on board low voltage transformer means the accessories connections are low voltage (18V DC) and safe to connect.


Manual Override System


Rest easy knowing that even if the power is out the gate can still be operated by using the secure key override, once overridden the gate can be easily opened and closed by hand, once re-engaged the gate is locked in and 100% secure.


Metal Pinion & Cast Casing


Only the best parts are used to ensure an incredibly strong build quality from the robust cast alloy casing all the way to the one piece solid steel pinion gear no corners have been cut.

Motor and Base Plate Dimensions Including Pinion Height


  • Sliding gate not exceeding 800kg maximum (Telescopic Gates Supported up to 200KG PER gate) 
  • Sliding gate not exceeding 6m width maximum (Telescopic Gates Supported up to 2m PER gate)
  • A power point is required at the gate (or can be hardwired by an electrician)
  • Level ground installations or minor gradients




Rated Power 450W
Power supply 220V-240V
Maximum Weight of Gate 800kg (Telescopic Gates 200KG PER Gate)
Maximum Width of Gate 6m (Telescopic Gates 2m PER Gate)
The working temperature of the motor -5° ~ +65° C
Open (Close) speed 12m/min
Maximum Pull 22Nm
Voltage output 18V DC, Only devices with a parameter of 12-24V DC operating range can be connected to the system
Light output 240V Light, 30 Watts or Less
Accessories input Open Only
Close Only




Can I operate this sliding gate motor manually?
The motor is fitted with a manual override and supplied with a key to manually disengage the motor
Can I use this system to operate a large gate?
This system can handle a sliding gate up to 6m wide and 800kg in weight.
Are the motor & control panel all in one?
Both the motor and the control panel are housed under one casing making the motor easy to install and very neat & compact
Can I use push buttons to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired push-button switches can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I use keypads to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired keypads can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I connect a safety sensor to this system?
Photoelectric and reflective safety sensors can be connected to this system to stop the gate from closing if there is a vehicle or person in the way of the gate
Can I connect an intercom system to this gate system?
A range of different intercoms can be connected to this system allowing the intercom to unlock the gate motor from a monitor inside the house or via an app on your smartphone
Can I operate this gate system from a remote location?
A GSM Receiver or Wi-Fi Receiver can be connected to the system allowing programmed users to open/close the gate system from a remote location.
Does this gate system automatically close?
When the automatic close timer is enabled and photoelectric safety sensors are installed, the gate will automatically close
Can I connect a light to the system?
The system has a 240V light output meaning a 240V light 30 Watts or less can be connected and will operate when the gate is opening/closing.

How to Choose the Best Sliding Gate Opener (Australia)? | APC Gate Automation (Melbourne/Australia)

The best-sliding gate motors in Australia are often determined by factors such as reliability, durability, speed, access control, and customization options. Some top APC Sliding Gate Opener models to consider include:

APC Typhoon sliding gate motor with 240V power is strong, durable, and high-quality, suitable for residential and commercial sliding gates.

One of the best-sliding gate motors, the APC Typhoon 450W Internal motor, allows for an 800kg capacity, making it the ideal candidate for the majority of gate installations for domestic/industrial driveway gates.

If you are looking for the best sliding gate motors in Australia, several models should be considered. Some popular options include the Italian-made APC Proteous Sliding Gate Motor 24V DC series and APC Typhoon Sliding Gate Motor 240V AC series. These motors are known for their reliability, smooth operation, and advanced access control, safety features such as safety sensors, WiFi smartphone APP integration and much more. When choosing the best sliding gate motor, it's important to consider factors such as gate size, weight, power options (Grid Power 240V, External Transformer Low Voltage 24V and Solar Off-Grid)and intensive use.

You can get a free consultation from our help-desk professional to ensure the motor is the best compatible with your specific gate setup and requirements. Please call our highly experienced technicians for help finding the best-sliding gate opener to suit your requirements.

APC-PE2000 Photoelectric Safety Sensor Set


The Safety sensor set is used to prevent the closing cycle occurring during the case of the sensor path being interrupted by vehicles, trailers or any other obstacles.

If the gate begins to close and the sensor path is interrupted then the gate will stop and return to the open position.

Both sensors (transmitter and receiver) are wired back to the control box of the gate system using the supplied cable roll, alternatively a reflective sensor upgrade is available which will only require wiring from the sensor mounted at the control box.
  • Up to 15 Metres Infared beam operating distance

  • Only powers on when the command is given to close the gates

  • Alignment led to assist in the installation process

  • Weather sealed with the supplied cover seals

  • Easy screw down wiring termination



Clydsdale 500 Telescopic Gate System

APC Clydsdale 500 Telescopic Gate System

Consisting of Galvanized steel pulley carriers with sealed bearings this kit allows the final tensioning of the system to be performed from either (or both) ends of the gate rather than between the gates like conventional kits.

The Anchor bracket can be assembled in a raised setup (for bolt-on wheels) and a lowered setup (for recess mount wheels) to eliminate awkward and incorrect cable directions, this will improve the short term and long reliability of the cable and the system and help prevent cable fray.

The Trailing bracket is adjustable in depth to cater for varying distances between the two installed gates and has elongated fixing holes to allow for fine adjustment during the installation process prior to final fixing.


What is a Telescopic Gate:

A telescopic gate is a gate designed in two halves with a leading and a trailing gate. The leading gate will be the gate closest to the inside of the property whereas the trailing gate is the gate that is closest to the street. 

Typically a sliding gate would require the width of the driveway + the tail of the gate (350mm) as the minimum clear area required however the telescopic gate system  only requires half the driveway width + the tail of gate (350mm). This makes a telescopic gate superior in clearance space required and beneficial for townhouses, blocks of units and any other installation with limited space.

Using the information above if the driveway width is 4000mm then each gate would be manufactured to 2350mm thus making 2350mm the required clearance space. Ideally an additional 150mm would be ideal for a ground stop installation making the preferred clearance space 2500mm

Key Features of Telescopic Gate:

  • Face Mounted System (when using flat mount or recess mount wheels) but can be under mounted below gate (using flat-mount wheels)
  • Sealed bearings not bushings
  • Three cable tensioning points to allow an easier installation (other designs only have one tension point between the gates)
  • Adjustable brackets provided for the use of recess mount or flat mounted wheels
  • Low profile system (does not protrude above bottom section of the gate using 80x40 or greater)
  • All hard parts are galvanized.
  • All assembly screws are galvanized
  • Telescopic cable is stainless steel and is provided in a 10m length

Pulley Carrier

  • 2mm Folded Galvanized Steel
  • Sealed Bearing (Replaceable)
  • 64mm Pulley
  • 25mm Adjustable Cable Tension
  • 6 Fixing Points (Screws Supplied)
  • Pre-Assembled

Trailing Bracket

  • 4mm Folded Galvanized Steel
  • Adjustable Depth
  • Cable Sandwich System
  • Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware
  • 4 Fixing Points (Screws Supplied)

Anchor Bracket

  • 4mm Folded Galvanized Steel
  • Adjustable Height (Supplied with Lowering Plate)
  • Cable Sandwich System
  • Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware
  • 4 Fixing Points (Dynabolts Supplied)


Q: Can the telescopic system be under mounted?
A: Yes, Due to the design of the pulley carriers 4 Lug rear side fixing the carrier can be installed to the bottom of the gate without any need to remove the gate during the installation process.

Q:What size tubing will the system fit to?
A: The carrier system can be installed onto a large variety of different size tubing's such as to 40x40, 80x40, 50x50, 75x50 and 100x50.

Q: What is the maximum size PER gate?
A: The maximum size of each gate can be up to 4600mm including the 350mm overlap.

Q: What should each gate width be?
A: Divide the width of your driveway in half and add 350mm to the measurement. This is the final width of each gate.

Q: Will the system be visible from the street?
A:Initially when face installed the cable will be visible, it is highly recommended to have one of the following methods applied to cover the cable for safety and aesthetics.
- Enclosure on the gate face during fabrication process ready to fit after complete installation.
- Flashing folded to size ready to install after complete installation.

Q: Will i receive instructions?
A: Yes you will receive a comprehensive clear english manual which will give clear instructions about the design of the gate all the way through to installation and parts placement.


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