APC Wireless Single Push Button Switch with Key Issolation


Product Information

APC Wireless Push Button Switch with Isolation Switch

Please note: This switch is compatible with the APC brand of gate opening systems. If used with any other brand, operation of the switch cannot be guaranteed under warranty.

This wireless APC single push button switch with isolation key is a stand-alone unit powered by a durable 12V internal battery.
This switch is wireless and DOES NOT require any wiring or external power to operate any of the APC automatic gate openers.
The isolation key switch is used to turn ON and OFF the operation of the push button switch.
Example: The user can switch the key switch OFF using the supplied key to de-activate the usage of the push button switch or switch ON to allow visitors access to the property.
The Pushbutton is highly weather-resistant, neat in appearance and consists of a rubber seal casing at the back of the switch to further protect from weather and to accommodate installation on uneven surfaces.

The push button can be used for over 50 metres in operating distance.

  • Automatic Gates
  • Automatic Garage Doors
  • Automatic Shutters
  • Electric Locks or Strikers
  • Industrial Roller Doors

Please note: The wireless switch can be used to operate the above devices when paired with an APC receiver which can be found in our store.

Compatible Equipment:
  • Swing Gate Systems:
  • APC-CB-12
  • APC-CB12-4CH
  • APC-CBSW-12 (ALL)
  • APC-CB24-4CH
  • APC-CBSW-24 (ALL)
Sliding Gate Systems:
  • APC-CBSG12-4CH
  • APC-SGH-12
  • APC-SGX-12
  • APC-CBSG-12 (ALL)
  • APC-SGH-24
  • APC-SGX-24
  • APC-CBSG-24 (ALL)
Boom Gate Systems:
  • APC-BG18
Remote Receivers:
See the videos below for pairing examples to several APC Automation Systems equipment:
  • Single Swing Gate System Pairing Procedure 
  • Sliding Gate System Pairing Procedure
  • Switch Type: Momentary
  • Wireless Frequency: 433.92Mhz
  • Key switch Type: Latching ON or OFF
  • Switch(s) Status: Normally Open (NO)
  • Battery: 12V DC
  • Expected Battery Life: 2-3 Years
  • Material: ABS Plastic