Vehicle Motion Detector Sensor with 15m Cable. The Most Advanced Single Piece Sensor For Free-exit Using Magnetic Technology to Sense When a Vehicle is in Motion [Substitute for Loop Detector] Made in the USA


Product Information

Vehicle Motion Detector VMD202 with 15m Cable and VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote

Vehicle Motion Detector - Substitute for Loop Detector

  • Quick installation
  • Easy sensitivity adjustments
  • Energy conservation
    • The low standby current of 70uA is suitable for solar power applications.
  • Cable Length 15m
  • The Detection Range Sensitivity is 3.5m at a Minimum Speed of 8 km/h


Overview of The VMD202 Vehicle Motion Detector

The VMD202 is the most advanced single-piece vehicle motion detector on the market today. The probe and its electronics are housed in a slim design that is buried next to a driveway. The VMD202-R sensitivity remote makes installation and fine-tuning simple.

Program the VMD202 vehicle motion detector’s 10 sensitivity settings with the VMD202-R, and the setting is retained in non-volatile memory. Then the VMD202-R can be removed and used for multiple installations or left in place if tampering is not a concern.

The VMD202 vehicle motion detector accepts a wide range of power inputs – 12-39 VDC or 12-27 VAC.

The low standby current of 70uA is suitable for solar power applications.

The VMD202 vehicle motion detector is supplied with a 15M cable. The sensitivity remote is included in the kit.



 Vehicle Motion Loop Detector Specifications 

Power 12-39 VDC or 12-27 VAC
Current 70 uA standby and 25 mA activated
Relay Form C (SPDT) 1 A@24 VDC, 1 A@120 VAC
Operating Temperature -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F) 0 to 95% relative humidity
Material ABS Plastic for VMD202-R, PVC for Probe
Dimensions VMD202-R (7.4 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm) Probe (2.5 x 61 cm)
Probe Cable 5-wire direct burial


VMD202 Features 

  • Probe assembly and cable are water-tight and direct burial compatible
  • Settings are placed in non-volatile memory in case of power failure
  • Accepts a wide range of power inputs from 12-39 VDC or 12-27 VAC
  • Low current consumption of 70 uA standby and 25 mA activated
    • Suitable for solar power applications


VMD202 Wiring Diagram


The VMD202 contains protection devices to guard against damage and false triggering due to electrical transients caused by lightning or other sources. Always provide a good earth-ground connection to the green wire of the VMD202 remote control in standard applications or the black wire of the VMD202 probe in solar applications. A 20cm copper rod or metal cold-water pipe provides a sufficient earth-ground connection.

SOLAR NOTE: The probe consumes only 70 uA when no vehicle motion is detected and draws a higher current for 5 seconds when detecting vehicle motion. This table provides an average current draw based on an estimate of how many cars per day may activate the VMD202. Connect the remote to the probe to adjust the sensitivity, then remove the remote and power the probe directly from the operator (the remote draws extra current). A 12 VDC battery is recommended for solar applications (a 24 VDC battery can be used as well). 

*Values are without remote connected

Number of Vehicle Activations Per Day Average Current (Amps)
720 0.001442
288 0.000619
144 0.000344
72 0.000207
48 0.000161