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Cantilever Gate Kits and Cantilever Gates Hardware Sets

Cantilever Gate and High-Quality German Steel Cantilever Gate Hardware | European Made by CAIS

Certainly! Choosing a cantilever sliding gate system indeed offers several advantages over the traditional track-style sliding gate. Let’s explore these benefits:

No Track Required: The most obvious benefit is that cantilever gates operate without a track. Unlike track-style gates, which rely on a track for smooth movement, cantilever gates are trackless. This eliminates the need for regular track maintenance and reduces the risk of debris accumulation or track damage. Very useful for commercial sites to eliminate frequent damage of track.

Greater Runoff Area: However, there’s a trade-off. Cantilever gates require a larger runoff area, approximately 30% more than track-style gates. This additional space allows the gate to slide freely without constraints. Due to this requirement, cantilever gates are commonly used in commercial and industrial installations where ample space is available.

Adaptability to Uneven Surfaces: Unlike standard sliding gates, which demand a perfectly level or flat surface, cantilever gates can handle uneven terrain. Whether it’s a gravel driveway, grassy area, or even waterlogged ground, cantilever gates remain functional. Their ability to navigate ups and downs makes them versatile and practical.

Quieter Operation: Cantilever gates operate more quietly than track-style gates. Without the friction and noise associated with tracks, they provide a smoother and less disruptive experience.

Enhanced Security: Cantilever gates cannot be lifted off their track, making them more secure. If security is a concern, these gates offer an advantage over sliding gates that can be shifted from their tracks.

In summary, cantilever sliding gates provide better security, adaptability to various terrains, and efficient operation—all while eliminating the need for a track. Whether for light industry or residential use, cantilever gates offer a reliable and lasting solution.

Cantilever Sliding Gate Easy Assembly Kits | Premium Gate Hardware for Cantilever Gates and Automation Packages

Kit Price: $3,595.00 $4,595.00 APC Automotion Plus Sale



Cantilever Gate Kits

Cantilever Sliding Gate Kits offer more advantages. Does not need a sliding track over the driveway. This makes cantilever gates an option for surfaces that are inappropriate for track gates.


Cantilever Gate Hardware

Cantilever Gate Hardware  | Premium Gate Hardware for Cantilever Gates Cantilever Sliding Gates offer more advantages. Does not need a sliding track over the driveway. 


Commercial Cantilever Gate Systems

Up to 13.5m Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware DIY Kit for Cantilever Driveway Gates

Industrial Garage Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware | Hot-Dipped Galvanised German Steel | Made in Europe by CAIS |

Heavy Duty Steel Cantilever Sliding Gate Eight-Wheeled Carriage

"C" Profile Guide For Cantilever Gate, 6mm Special Thickness, Galvanized German Steel

Automotion Plus is Pleased to Introduce
The CAIS Cantilever Gate Hardware Product Range 
(Made in Europe).

CAIS - The most passionate and innovative European hardware manufacturer using German Steel and Japanese Robotics. 
Automotion Plus - The broadest range of gate, gate automation and gate hardware suppliers in Australia

  • Cantilever Gate Hardware Kit for Trackless Sliding Gates (Made by CAIS)
  • Fast and Space-Saving the Telescopic Cantilever Gate system from CAIS
  • CAIS Telescopic Sliding Gate Systems
  • CAIS Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware System and Gate Automation Combo Kits
  • Cantilever Kits - Easy Assembly and DIY
  • Cantilever Gate Hardware and Automation Packages
  • Trackless Telescopic Cantilever Hardware Kits
  • CAIS Cantilever Gate Hardware Kit for Trackless Sliding Gates
  • Cantilever Carriage Wheels
  • Cantilever "C" Profile Guide
  • Cantilever Upper Rollers and Support Rollers
  • Cantilever Guide Wheel, End Stops and Brackets
  • Cantilever Fixing Hardware and Accessories
  • Gear Racks for Cantilever Sliding Gate