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Video Intercom Systems

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Please choose from the categories below that best suit your requirements:

Eyevision® 2 Wire Intercom Systems are Digital, colour video intercom system using a state of the art ingenious BUS technology, unlike traditional intercom systems they can transmit power and data through there TWO wires with excellent clarity and a great feature set. Furthermore, the system is non-polarized which means it doesn't matter which way the two wires are connected. Doesn't get easier to connect than that.

Eyevision ® Smartphone Intercoms will offer three diffrent system options across two diffrent categories:

LATEST RELEASE 1. Eyevision ®  Intelli Series is the latest release from eyevision®, allowing for simultaneous smartphone integration, CCTV integration, Alarm sensor Integration, Motion Detection and up to SIX internal monitors. The 4 Wire system intercom monitor can connect to the home Wi-Fi directly eliminating the need for additional components.

2. Eyevision ®  Direct to Smartphone is an outdoor unit only setup that can work by WiFi, ethernet cable or Power Over Ethernet (optional adapter). These systems will send the intercom call to multiple phones and/or tablets removing the need for wiring within the home and even out to the front door/gate if using in WiFi mode. They allow for a typical full feature set including video and audio communications along with the ability to unlock a door or gate.

3. Eyevision ® Standard Wired Intercoms is your typical indoor unit wired to an outdoor unit setup but with a twist, using the optional Netlink add on it can also send notifications to multiple smartphones and/or tablets allowing for the same functionality as the monitor being video and audio communications as well as the ability to unlock a door or a gate. The optional Netlink will allow connection to the internet either by WiFi or ethernet cable.

Standard Wired Intercoms: These intercoms are a modern up to date version of a normal video intercom system that can allow you to see, speak, and unlock for your guests. These are a great solution as a standard intercom when no mobile phone connectivity is required and they are also very simple to use through the touchscreen or button options making it great for any age group.

Apartment Intercoms: This category will contain complete systems for small to mid-sized apartment complexes. They are available in 2 wire technology, Wired smartphone and standard wired intercoms (description of each of these technologies is above).

Remember if you require help our friendly staff are only a call away, always feel free to call us on (03) 9532 0804 and we will help you navigate through all your options and even recommend and customize a product that best suits your needs.