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8m Complete Telescopic Sliding Gate Hardware for Four-Part Driveway Sliding Gate and Gate Automation Combo | Extra Heavy Duty Italian Made Sliding Gate Automation with FORTECO 2200KG Capacity 240V AC Powered Strong Sliding Gate Motor and 8m Complete Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit for Four-Part Driveway, Hot Dip Galvanized German Steel Sliding Gate Telescopic Hardware Set Made in Europe by CAIS [SHORTBACK QUA 8.0]

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  • 8m Complete Telescopic Gate Hardware for Four-Part Gate | Italian Made Sliding Gate Opener, 2200 KG / 240V AC Powered

  • Kit Includes

    01 8m Complete Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit for FOUR-Part Driveway Sliding Gates (Telescopic Sliding Gate Hardware Set for 4 Part Gates) CAIS SHORTBACK QUA 8.0(QTY: 1)
    02 FORTECO 2200 AC, Italian Made Strong Sliding Gate Motor (2200KG Capacity AC Powered)(QTY: 1)
    03 APC Four Button Keyring Remote(QTY: 2)
    04 1020mm Nylon Rack(QTY: 5)
    05 Two FREE Sunvisor Remote Controls (Promotion) with every Electric Gate Automation Kit order.(QTY: 2)
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Product Information

Extra Heavy Duty FORTECO Sliding Gate Motor

Extra Heavy Duty FORTECO Sliding Gate Motor

At a glance

The FORTECO 2200 EXTRA HEAVY DUTY system with a rich feature set of full programmability using the onboard intuitive LCD interface. Suitable for the novice user with simple setups all commercial sites with its advanced features system. There are many functions and features that this system can perform. See the full details below.

AC Sliding Gate Automation System. Easy Installation All in one Motor and Control Panel for Sliding Gate. Suitable for sliding gates up to 2200kg
Commercial 240V Systems Electric Gate Automation, Extra Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Gate Openers.


Gate maximum weight kg 2200
Power supply vhz
V / Hz
240 / 50
Maximum power W 800
Full load current
A 4
Gate maximum speed
Maximum thrust
Duty cycle
% 35
Pinion -
Working temperature
-20 ÷ +55
Weight Kg 18
Protection degree IP 44
Maximum load on 24 Vac Accessories W 10



  • Accurate and safe operation with encoder
  • Obstacle detection
  • Self-learning of opening and closing times
  • Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module
  • Magnetic limit switches, all accurate and reliable over time
  • Programming achieved using 3 program buttons and display
  • Plug-in adaptor for modular radio receiver MR2
  • 2 inputs for photocells with self-test function
  • 2 inputs for mechanical or resistive safety edges
  • Courtesy light output
  • Soft start (programmable start-up rate)



Extra Heavy Duty FORTECO Sliding Gate Motor


Gate Motor and Installation Kit

Extra Heavy Duty FORTECO Sliding Gate Motor


Extra Heavy Duty Feature Rich 240V Italian Sliding Gate Motor Overview


System Features


 2200KG Capacity (2.2 Tonne)
 Full Feature MODERN Programmability by LCD Display (No DIP Switches or Dials)
 35% Duty Cycle

Everything and more as standard

 Automatic learning of gate travel limits and automatic introduction of soft start and soft stop points
 Configurable pedestrian operation travel amount which can be operated by remote, keypad, button, APP control (module available), and induction loop
 Fast and Slow Speeds are adjustable
 Simple ONE PRESS full feature remote Ultra High-Security Rolling Code learning system (and service-free remote learning options)
 Ultimate Auto close settings adjustable from 5 seconds to 20 Minutes
 Party Mode System to keep gates opened when configured for use with the automatic close feature
 Underside cable entry with grommets
 Simple to setup left and right side magnet system
 Strong STEEL Pinion Gear
 Solid Alloy Housing with FOUR POINT tilt leveling adjustment system (30mm in any or all directions)

Special Features

 Soft Start (Ramping feature) with adjustable cut-in points
 Supports Bi-Parting Sliding Gates using only one set of accessories using the APC SYNCRO module system
 Induction Loop Compatible for auto opening or as a safety device
 Supports programmable timers

Safety Features

 Adjustable Over current adjustments
 Built-in Encoder with adjustable sensitivity
 Safety Sensor connection input configurable for open and/or closing
 Supports Safety Edges
 Automatic Courtesy Light Output (Blinking or Static illumination) with adjustable pre-operating courtesy times

Simple to use LCD interface

Control Board Overview


Accessories Compatibility and Controlling Options

 Open/Stop/Close Inputs for Full Gate Operation and Pedestrian Gate Operation
 Remote controls
 Induction Loops
 Weekly Timers
 Entry and Exit push button with isolation key switches (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
 Keypads (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
 Exit/entry sensors
 Intercom system with dry contact output
 Automatic switching timer
 WiFi Control System (App-Based Control)
 GSM Control Systems (Mobile Call/SMS-based Control)


Remote Features


Four-Part Telescopic Sliding Gate Set for 8-Meter Driveway Gate
[ CAIS Shortback QUA 8.0 Hot Dip Galvanized German Steel ]

8m Complete Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation Kit for Four-Part Driveway Sliding Gate (FOUR-Part Sliding Gate Hardware Set) CAIS SHORTBACKQUA 8.0

What are telescopic sliding gates?

The telescopic sliding gate is the “space-saving gate” since, compared to a conventional sliding gate with a single leaf, it comprises 2, 3 or 4 leaves that overlap each other when opening, thus occupying less space.

Heavy Duty Telescopic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware German Steel with Hot Dip Galvanized. Made in Europe by CAIS. 

Telescopic Sliding Gate Hardware Complete Kit. All in One Pack Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit for 8m Driveway Gates.

CAIS Shortback QUA 8.0 | Four-Part Sliding Gate Hardware Set Includes:

8m Complete Telescopic Sliding Gate Hardware for Quatro Sliding Gate Telescopic System CAIS SHORTBACK QUA 8.0

  • Bolt Down Side Gate Stop with Rubber Bumper
  • Small Rubber Bumpers
  • Sliding Gates Wheels
  • Single-Roller Gate Guide with Bracket Assembly
  • Gate to Gate Guide Rollers (Diameter: 38 mm)
  • Ten Meters of Wires (Diameter: 4 mm)
  • Wire Tensioners
  • Ground Fixing Screws + 2 Nuts (Diameter: 12x200 mm)
  • Wire Fixing L-Shaped Plates (80x50x55 mm)
  • Wire Tensioning Rollers (Diameter: 60 mm)
  • L-Shaped Cover Plates 
  • Sliding Gate Ground Track, Guide Rails (2800 mm)
  • Fixing Pins for Guide Rail (Diameter: 13 mm)
  • U-Guide Channel Rails (2810 mm)
  • and other parts

Note: The gate frame and grid filling are not part of the set!


How do telescopic sliding gates work?

The structure of the telescopic gate consists of two or more modular wings, and the way it works is similar to a telescope – when the wings are closed, they move one after the other. The telescopic gate, like the sliding gate, with the structure of the telescopic gates design slides on two rails side by side.

What is the difference between a telescopic gate and a sliding gate?

Traditional sliding gates need the same length of opening space, but telescopic gates allow twice the opening width into half the space. Example - If you had a four-metre opening but only two and a half metres of run-off area with a standard sliding gate, there is simply no way to install in this area. That can be triple or quatro telescopic structure design gates according to requirements. 



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