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4M Complete Cantilever Gate Hardware and Automation Package. Hot Dip Galvanised German Steel Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware (Made in Europe by CAIS) and Heavy Duty 500kg Sliding Gate Opener Standalone Solar OFF Grid Power System (Made in Italy)

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Kit Price:

$1,999.00 $2,799.00 APC Automotion Plus Sale

  • Or in 4 payment of $499.75 with afterpay info
  • 4m Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware and Heavy Duty 500kg Sliding Gate Opener with Solar Powered System

  • Kit Includes

    01 APC Proteous 500 Italian Made FEATURE RICH Sliding Gate Motor(QTY: 1)
    02 Easy Install Surface Mount Plate for Proteous Siding Gate Motor P500 and P450(QTY: 1)
    03 APC Four Button Keyring Remote(QTY: 2)
    04 Gear Rack Nylon Coated With Steel Core, Strong and Quiet - (1m Pack - 2 x 50 CM) Made in Italy by Stagnoli(QTY: 5)
    05 APC Uno Multipurpose Battery Box(QTY: 1)
    06 9aH High Capacity Battery(QTY: 2)
    07 APC Sun Power Series 12V/24V 10A PWM Solar Regulator(QTY: 1)
    08 6m 2 Core 2mm Non Shielded Cable(QTY: 1)
    09 24v 20 Watts Solar Panel(QTY: 1)
    10 Solar Panel Fence Post & Bracket for APC 20 Watt Solar Panels(QTY: 1)
    11 Eight-Wheeled Carriage for Cantilever Gates for Up To 325 kg Max Gate Weight. (CAIS SPEED-SE)(QTY: 2)
    12 2.8m "C" Profile Guide For up to 5m Cantilever Gates, 3.5mm Thickness, Galvanized German Steel (CAIS STAGE SZ 2.8)(QTY: 2)
    13 Bolts and Rivet Nuts for Cantilever Gate Guide Track Easy Assembly (CAIS)(QTY: 15)
    14 55.5mm Guide Support Wheel, Cantilever End Wheel For Cantilever Sliding Gate Systems (CAIS RUN S)(QTY: 1)
    15 Small End Cap for C Guide Track, Cantilever Sliding Gates Hardware. (CAIS PILOT SN)(QTY: 2)
    16 End Stop for Cantilever Sliding Gates 132mm (CAIS LAST S)(QTY: 1)
    17 End Stop Bracket for Small, Medium, and Large Cantilever Sliding Gates (CAIS PARK CSM)(QTY: 1)
    18 51mm Upper Rollers and Bracket Set. CAIS Sliding Gate Guide Roller and Bracket Assembly Kit German Steel Made in EU(QTY: 1)
    19 Two FREE Sunvisor Remote Controls (Promotion) with every Electric Gate Automation Kit order.(QTY: 1)
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Product Information

4m Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware (All In One Box) DIY Kit | German Steel | Made in Europe by CAIS

Cantilever gates aren’t only contemporary and modern in appearance, besides cantilever design automatic sliding gates are the ideal choice for anyone with uneven ground, paving that is organic in shape, and gravel driveways. Cantilever gate designs are frequently used as no track work needs to be installed. This makes cantilever gates an option for surfaces that are inappropriate for track gates.



A cantilever gate needs to be about 35% wider than its span to counterbalance the weight of the suspension posts.


The installations do not require complicated steps and materials, and therefore the working time is not too long as well. We invite you to follow the below installation steps of CAIS "ALL IN ONE" cantilever sliding gate hardware.






Single cantilever gates move in one direction, often directly parallel to an existing fence line. This efficient use of space makes a cantilever gate an ideal choice when designing a property’s perimeter fence and security system.



We have to ensure that all the gate hardware that you need to assemble the cantilever sliding gate is included.
See what the "ALL IN ONE" box includes:

  • Eight Wheel Carriages
  • Heavy Duty C Profile Guide Track (3.5mm German Steel) For Cantilever Gate
  • C Profile Guide End Cap With Screw
  • C Profile Guide Guide Support Wheel for Cantilever Gate System
  • U Guide Stop With Rubber for Cantilever Gate Closing Position
  • U Stop Bracket with Installation Bolts and Screws for Cantilever Gate System
  • Upper Rollers and Bracket Set for Cantilever Sliding Gate
  • Bolts and Rivet Nuts for Cantilever Gate Guide Track Easy Assembly
  • Installation Instructions

Eight-Wheeled Carriage For Up To 325Kg Cantilever Gate

Cantilever sliding gate system carriage wheel for up to 325 kg max gate weight.

Steel Cantilever Sliding Gate Eight-Wheeled Carriage

Enhanced design and superior products from Europe using high-quality German steel.


C2 High-Quality Bearings

Carriages Center Holes Milled Not Laser Cut

Multi Riveted Sections

Mono-Block Eight Wheeled Carriage

No Welded Parts









"C" Profile Guide For Cantilever Gate, 3.5mm Thickness, Hot Deeped Galvanized German Steel

"C" Profile Guide For Cantilever Sliding Gate, 3.5mm Thickness, Hot Deeped Galvanized German Steel, 15 Bolts 15 Rivet Nuts Included

Steel "C" Profile Guide For Cantilever Sliding Gate

Enhanced design and superior products from Europe using high-quality German steel.

Formed from high-quality, heavily galvanized German steel in an 18-stage process with a slow rolling speed to reduce heat build-up and memory

  • Holes at the track's top allow it to be easily bolted to an aluminium gate.
  • The steel is sourced from the leading German company Wumperman. It is galvanized after slitting so that there are no exposed raw steel edges that would otherwise quickly rust.
  • The slow rolling process minimizes the tendency for the track to spring open where it is cut to length.




The installations do not require complicated steps and materials, so the working time is not too long. We invite you to follow the below installation steps of CAIS "ALL IN ONE" cantilever sliding gate hardware.



Bolts and Rivet Nuts Pack for "C" Profile Guide Cantilever Sliding Gate

Bolts and Rivet Nuts are Included in each Cantilever "C" Profile Guide

Bolts and Rivet Nuts for Cantilever Sliding Gate Guide Track

  • Slotted Hole Punched Every 400mm in "C" Profile Guide Track
  • Bolts and Rivet Nuts Pack
  • Easy Assembly
  • No Welding Required

Small Guide Support Wheel For Cantilever Sliding Gates

The end wheel guides the gate up onto the end cup and helps to support the gate while it is resting.

End Wheel For Cantilever Sliding Gate Systems

Cantilever Gate Hardware Small Guide Support Wheel


Small End Cap for Cantilever C Gude Track

The end cap is an addition to the gate to cap off the cantilevered track.

End Cap For Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever Gate Hardware Small End Cap


132mm End Stop for Cantilever Sliding Gates

The end stop supports the gate when it is fully open and fully closed.

End Stop For Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever Gate Hardware Small End Stop


End Stop Bracket for Cantilever Sliding Gates

The end stop bracket supports the gate when it is fully open and fully closed.

End Stop Bracket For Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever Gate Hardware End Stop Bracket

Small Upper Rollers and Bracket Set for Cantilever Sliding Gates

High Qualy Two Roller Guide Plate

Cantilever Sliding Gate Upper Rollers Guide with Bracket

Cantilever Gate Hardware Upper Rollers and Bracket Set



The obvious benefit of choosing a cantilever sliding gate system is " no need to track"

Unlikly standard sliding gates, the cantilever sliding gate solution doesn't need a perfectly level or concrete flat surface and can deal with dirt or gravel driveway perfectly.


  • Perfect solution for sloped and/or non-concrete driveways
  • Esthetic design, easy installation, no welding needed
  • Long lasting durable hardware, silent and maintenance-free
  • An effective way to improve security on your property

The Cantilever gate is a unique type of sliding gate, but with distinctive, interesting differences from your typical gate with wheels. One of the primary differences between a cantilever gate and a sliding gate is the location of the wheels that helps the gate move. A cantilever sliding gate rests and rolls on a wheel on the front bottom edge of the gate with a track supporting wheels on the back edge. In contrast, a cantilever gate is held above the ground, moving along rollers running along the top and inside of the fence, with wheels attached to a vertical concrete foundation.



Sliding gates have simpler and smaller operating mechanisms than cantilever gates, and as a result, wheel contact with the ground can make operation coarse and noisier than cantilever gates. Since cantilever gate wheels are off the ground, this style can span a wider range of terrain including gravel, grass, blocks, and uneven, angled, or steeply inclined surfaces. The absence of contact with the ground also allows cantilever gates to function easily in all weather conditions.

The smart appearance, efficient design, and craftsmanship in a cantilever gate are sure to impress owners, visitors, and customers visiting the property.

Cantilever gate designs are frequently used as no track work needs to be installed. This makes cantilever gates an option for surfaces that are inappropriate for track gates.

Cantilever gates have been designed to glide through the air rather than along tracks on the driveway and do not require any ground installation. Cantilever Sliding Gate All-In-One Systems are quicker and easier to install and have longer lifespans as they float through the air.

Cantilever gates aren’t only contemporary and modern in appearance, besides cantilever design automatic sliding gates are the ideal choice for anyone with uneven ground, paving that is organic in shape, and gravel driveways.


Heavy Duty Feature Rich 24V Italian Sliding Gate Motor Overview

At a glance

The Proteous 500 boasts a cutting edge and rich feature set of full programmability using the onboard intuitive LCD interface suitable for the novice user with simple setups all the way to 100% commercial sites with its advance features and its high duty cycle system There is no function or feature that this system cannot perform. See the full details below.

System Features


90% Duty Cycle (Can operate for up to 54 Minutes of every 60 minutes)
Full Feature MODERN Programmability by LCD Display (No DIP Switches or Dials)
500KG Capacity (1/2 a Tonne)
Ultra long 10 metre gate capacity
Only 150mm Narrow Depth

Everything and more as standard..

Automatic learning of gate travel limits and automatic introduction of soft start and soft stop points
Configurable pedestrian operation travel amount which can be operated by remote, keypad, button, APP control (module available) and induction loop
Fast and Slow Speeds are adjustable
Simple ONE PRESS full feature remote Ultra High Security Rolling Code learning system (and service free remote learning options)
Ultimate Auto close settings adjustable from 5 seconds to 20 Minutes
Party Mode System to keep gates opened when configured for use with the automatic close feature
Underside cable entry with grommets
Simple to setup left and right side magnet system
All installation connections are low voltage (except in the case of high voltage driveway lights(low voltage can be used))
Strong STEEL Pinion Gear
Solid Alloy Housing with FOUR POINT tilt leveling adjustment system (30mm in any or all direction)

Special Features

Energy Saving Mode (5mA Standby Current)
Optional battery backup system
Standalone low voltage/high voltage driveway light control by remote (completely separate to the safety light)
Soft Start/Soft Stop (Ramping feature) with adjustable cut in points
Supports Bi-Parting Sliding Gates using only one set of accessories using the APC SYNCRO module system
Induction Loop Compatible for auto opening or as a safety device
Supports programmable timers

Safety Features

Adjustable Over current adjustments
Built in Encoder with adjustable sensitivity
Safety Sensor connection input configurable for open and/or closing
Supports Safety Edges
Automatic Courtesy Light Output (Blinking or Static illumination) with adjustable pre-operating courtesy times

Simple to use LCD interface

Control Board Overview


Accessories Compatibility and Controlling Options

Constant DC Accessories Output
Open/Stop/Close Inputs for Full Gate Operation and Pedestrian Gate Operation
Remote controls
Induction Loops
Weekly Timers
Entry and Exit push button with isolation key switches (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
Keypads (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
Exit/entry sensors
Intercom system with dry contact output
Automatic switching timer
WiFi Control System (App Based Control)
GSM Control Systems (Mobile Call/SMS based Control)


Remote Features


Installation Options

Concrete in Base Plate

Surface Mounted Raised Base Plate (Add-On Item)

Four point Tilt Leveling


24V 20 Watt Solar Panel (Upgradable to 40 Watt or 60 Watt options)

Mono Crystalline silicon solar cells with 3mm tempered glass and two sheets of tedlar-polyeaster-tedlar (TPT) and ethylene Vinyl acetate (EVA). This protects against moisture penetrating into the module. The solar panel is supplied with a fence mounting bracket system along with a pre-connected 5 metre cable (maximum cable distance is 20 metres), the solar panel is also fitted with a diode to prevent feed back from the batteries.
Maximuim Power 20W/40W/60W
Optimum Operational Voltage 36V
Open Circuit Voltage 43.2V
20W Panel Dimensions 640 x 300 x 25mm
40W Upgrade Panel Dimensions 535 x 515 x 30mm
60W Upgrade Panel Dimensions 805 x 535 x 30mm


APC Uno Standalone Solar System


The APC Uno is an articulate all in one design allowing for clean and secure housing the APC Sun Power Solar Regulator and multiple batteries. The housing can fit up to 2x 9aH batteries (Uno Box), 2x 17aH batteries(Uno Large Box), and 1x 33aH battery(Uno Large Box). In the case of 33aH batteries a Master Uno Large Box and Slave Uno Large Box are required, see details below.

Key Features:

  • Direct fitting of APC Sun power Regulator (available separately) 
  • Sleek contoured design
  • Cable management entries for a clean installation
  • Subtle grey to suit all installation environments
  • Heavy duty 5mm galvanized 6 hole mounting plate Supports multiple mounting surfaces (piers, posts, walls etc.)
  • Easy to access with the tool free clip lock system
  • Can be secured with a small padlock
  • Four output glands allowing for completely weatherproof entry/exit of cables up to 9mm OD each

Dimensions (UNO BOX and UNO BOX LARGE)


Uno Box Outer Dimensions

Height 205mm (Including cable glands) 180mm Without
Width 180mm
Depth 249mm Including Mounting bracket, 210mm without


Extra Heavy Duty Single Gate Opener

Uno Box Large Outer Dimensions

Height 281mm (Including cable glands) 255mm Without
Width 263mm
Depth 230mm Including Mounting bracket, 189mm without

Battery Requirments and Configuration

Battery Dimensions (each) Battery Size 12V Configuration 24V Configuration Uno Box Requirments
151x65x99mm BAT-9 (9aH) 1x Battery Required 2x Batteries Required Up to Two Batteries in one Master Uno Box
181x77x167mm BAT-17 (17aH) 1x Battery Required 2x Batteries Required Up to Two Batteries in one Master Uno Box Large
195x130x167mm BAT-33 (33aH) 1x Battery Required 2x Batteries Required One Battery in Master Uno Box Large
(and One Battery in Slave Uno Box Large for 24V)

Typical Configuration

Extra Heavy Duty Single Gate Opener

Battery Wiring

33aH Configuration

Extra Heavy Duty Single Gate Opener

At a glance

  • 12-24V Compatible
  • LITHIUM Battery Compatible
  • Easy to use LCD Interface
  • Compatible with Most Batteries
  • 32 Bit Micro Controller
  • Extra Large Wiring Terminals
  • 12 Stages of Protection including short circuit, temperature, over and undercharge etc.
  • Metal Heat sink
  • USB Output


In Depth

apc sun power

apc sun power

Automatic Voltage Selection

The APC Sun Power System can automatically detect the batteries voltage and set itself into the appropriate charging mode of 12V or 24V.

Multiple Battery Modes

The APC Sun Power can be set to to be used with Sealed lead acid, flooded batteries, gel batteries and even Lithium Batteries.

Overcharge and Discharging

The APC Sun Power systems built in temperature sensor will automatically adjust the charging voltage to best suit the environment and as a result a 30% increase in battery lifetime can be expected. Furthermore if the ambient temperature within the enclosure it is installed within exceeds 85° Celsius the Sun Power system will automatically turn off.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

The APC Sun Power load output will automatically switch off once the load output exceeds 10 Amps (or short circuit) and auto re -try after 30 seconds.

Reverse Polarity Protection

In case of an installation error the Sun Power solar regulator will not be damaged by incorrect polarity on the solar connection or the battery connection.

USB Output Terminals

The Sun Power Series has Two built in USB terminals, each USB terminal is rated to 5V 1A and can be used to operate low current USB devices such as USB powered speakers, tablet and mobile phone charging, warmers, fans etc.

Heavy Duty Design

Built to be last and be used in duty applications the Sun Power System not only offers a powder coated steel heat sink backing plate to keep the controller cool in all charging conditions but also has extra large 10mm wire terminals allowing for use with heavy duty cabling, large bootlace crimps or multiple wires per terminal.


System Voltage 12V/24V DC auto
PV Max Input Voltage 55V
Self-consumption 10mA
Max Charging current 10A
Max Discharging current 10A
Battery type Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flood/Lithium
LVD 11.0V ADJ 9V...12V ; x2/24V
LVR 12.6V ADJ 11V...13.5V ;x2/24V
Float Voltage 13.8V ADJ 13V... 15V ; x2/24V
Boost Voltage 14.4V ADJ 13V...17V ;x2/24
battery voltage less than 12.6v auto boost 2hours
Battery Over Voltage 16.5V ; x2/24V
Reverse Connection Protection Yes
Load Over Current Protection Yes, each 30s auto restart again
Controller Over Temperature Yes
USB Output 5VDC/1A 2PCS
Charging Type PWM
Charge circuit voltage drop <=0.25V
Discharge circuit voltage drop <=0.1V
Temperature Consumption#  For 12V system:-24mV /°C ; x2/24V
Relative humidity ≤95%, N.C.
Working Temperature -20°C~+55deg;C(Product can work continuously at full load)
LCD temperature range -20°C~+70°C
Waterproof grade IP32
Mounting hole size Φ5mm
Terminals 10mm²/8AWG
Weight 245g
Overall dimension(mm) 190×108×41.5

24V 9aH Battery System


Supplied with the automation kit, the 24V Battery System* (2 x 12V  9Ah Batteries) will allow for continued use of the gate system, whether day or night. The system can operate for up to one week of regular residential use without any charge from the solar panel (winter months/wet season) and will automatically recharge from sunlight. When the system batteries are fully charged, it will continue to float charge to keep the batteries topped up and ready for use. In the case of extended use requirements or higher duty, there are upgrade options to 17aH and 33aH battery systems.

 *Fully charged batteries will provide 27V and Cuts Off the system at 24V to improve AGM battery life


Transformer 24V (Uno Solar System)
Motor Output Voltage 24v DC
Max Operating Power 300 Watts
Maximum Gate Length 10 Metres
Maximum Gate Weight 500 KG
Speed 28 cm/s
Working temperature -20° - 50°
RF APC Rolling code 433.92mhz
Motor Duty Cycle 90%
Auxiliary Inputs 0V Momentary Pulse
Accessories Voltage 24V DC
Operator Inbuilt Safety Over current + Encoder Sensitivity

(2 x 50 CM) Nylon Gear Racks 1 Meter Pack | Made in Italy by Stagnoli

Interlocking Gear Racks Made in Italy by Stagnoli

The Keyed Interlocking Modular Nylon Gear Rack is Compatible with All Sliding Gate Automation

Stagnoli, Italy invented the nylon racks and has been manufacturing nylon racks since 1981. The advantage of nylon racks is no lubrication, rust-free and silent. Furthermore, with the nylon rack, there is no need to carry out any welding, which is instead required for iron racks and which involves more machining in the assembly process. GR50 is a quality product and is completely Made in Italy.




Dimensions of Modular Nylon Gear Racks | Sliding Gate Hardware

This gear rack nylon coated with steel core, strong and quiet, is compatible with all sliding gate automation, and is easy DIY install.

Modular gear racks kit includes;

A box with 2 nylon gear racks measuring 50 cm, 4 self-tapping and self-piercing screws, and 4 washers in galvanized steel. (Made in Italy by Stagnoli)



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