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  • Extra Low Voltage 24V DC Electric Gate APC Proteous 500 FEATURE RICH Extra Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Wi-Fi Kit with Encoder System

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Extra Low Voltage 24V DC Smart Gate Automation Management WiFi Kit. APC Proteous 500 FEATURE RICH Extra Heavy Duty Italian Made Automatic Sliding Gate Motor with APC Infinity Gate Automation Management Console Wi-Fi Module and Encoder System. Sliding Gate Opener Smart Kit

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$1,189.00 $1,399.00 APC Automotion Plus Sale

  • Or in 4 payment of $297.25 with afterpay info
  • Italian Made Automatic Gate Opener, 500KG / 10 Metre Maximum Capacity Electric Gate Automation

  • Kit Includes

    01 APC Proteous 500 Italian Made FEATURE RICH Sliding Gate Motor(QTY: 1)
    02 APC Infinity The Most Advanced WiFi Control Smart Gate Automation Management Module(QTY: 1)
    03 Easy Install Surface Mount Plate for Proteous Siding Gate Motor P500 and P450(QTY: 1)
    04 Proteous 500 / Proteous 450 Sprint / SIMPLY24 Backup Battery(QTY: 1)
    05 Proteous P500 / P450 / SIMPLY24 Battery Charger(QTY: 1)
    06 APC Four Button Keyring Remote(QTY: 2)
    07 Gear Rack Nylon Coated With Steel Core, Strong and Quiet - (1m Pack - 2 x 50 CM) Made in Italy by Stagnoli(QTY: 4)
    08 Weatherproof External 24V Transformer with 20m Low Voltage Cable(QTY: 1)
    09 Gate Sensor | APC Photoelectric Gate Safety Sensor - Safety Beam Infrared Photocell Gate Sensor Detector(QTY: 1)
    10 10m 4 Core Non Shielded Cable(QTY: 1)
    11 Two FREE Sunvisor Remote Controls (Promotion) with every Electric Gate Automation Kit order.(QTY: 2)
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Product Information

Heavy Duty Feature Rich 24V Italian Sliding Gate Motor Overview

At a glance

The Proteous 500 boasts a cutting edge and rich feature set of full programmability using the onboard intuitive LCD interface suitable for the novice user with simple setups all the way to 100% commercial sites with its advance features and its high duty cycle system There is no function or feature that this system cannot perform. See the full details below.

System Features


90% Duty Cycle (Can operate for up to 54 Minutes of every 60 minutes)
Full Feature MODERN Programmability by LCD Display (No DIP Switches or Dials)
500KG Capacity (1/2 a Tonne)
Ultra long 10 metre gate capacity
Only 150mm Narrow Depth

Everything and more as standard..

Automatic learning of gate travel limits and automatic introduction of soft start and soft stop points
Configurable pedestrian operation travel amount which can be operated by remote, keypad, button, APP control (module available) and induction loop
Fast and Slow Speeds are adjustable
Simple ONE PRESS full feature remote Ultra High Security Rolling Code learning system (and service free remote learning options)
Ultimate Auto close settings adjustable from 5 seconds to 20 Minutes
Party Mode System to keep gates opened when configured for use with the automatic close feature
Underside cable entry with grommets
Simple to setup left and right side magnet system
Pre-Wired and ready to plug into a regular 10A power point or can be hardwired if preferred
All installation connections are low voltage (except in the case of high voltage driveway lights(low voltage can be used))
Strong STEEL Pinion Gear
Solid Alloy Housing with FOUR POINT tilt leveling adjustment system (30mm in any or all direction)

Special Features

Energy Saving Mode (5mA Standby Current)
Optional battery backup system
Standalone low voltage/high voltage driveway light control by remote (completely separate to the safety light)
Soft Start/Soft Stop (Ramping feature) with adjustable cut in points
Supports Bi-Parting Sliding Gates using only one set of accessories using the APC SYNCRO module system
Induction Loop Compatible for auto opening or as a safety device
Supports programmable timers

Extra Features With Infinity WiFi Module

Geolocation-Based Opening - Activate the GPS and the gate will open automatically as soon as it has detected the presence of your Smartphone at the set distance  (250m / 500m/1000m options)
Remotely Manage and Check Gate Status - You can control the gate even when you are not at home and remotely check the status of your automation (Did I close my gate, or did I leave it open?) and the latest movements (when was the last time it was opened?)
Access and Permission Management - Permissions: grant other users the use of one or more of your automation, but only in the time slot you decide.
Built-in Timer - Set new scenarios according to your needs, choosing for each one whether to activate it manually or automatically at a specific time/day
Unlimited User - First 4 User Free (Admin +3 user)

Safety Features

Adjustable Over current adjustments
Built in Encoder with adjustable sensitivity
Safety Sensor connection input configurable for open and/or closing
Supports Safety Edges
Automatic Courtesy Light Output (Blinking or Static illumination) with adjustable pre-operating courtesy times

Simple to use LCD interface

Control Board Overview


Accessories Compatibility and Controlling Options

Constant DC Accessories Output
Open/Stop/Close Inputs for Full Gate Operation and Pedestrian Gate Operation
Remote controls
Induction Loops
Weekly Timers
Entry and Exit push button with isolation key switches (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
Keypads (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
Exit/entry sensors
Intercom system with dry contact output
Automatic switching timer
WiFi Control System (App Based Control)
GSM Control Systems (Mobile Call/SMS based Control)


Remote Features


Installation Options

Concrete in Base Plate

Surface Mounted Raised Base Plate (Add-On Item)

Four point Tilt Leveling

External Transformer (Extendable up to 80 metres cable distance)

24V External weatherproof designed to be used in a low voltage cabling application of up to 80 meters, supplied with a pre-connected 20 meter cable this is a perfect solution when running mains power to the gate is not a viable option due to costs, difficulty or just simply to DIY.




Transformer 24V AC
Rectification In Housing Rectifier
Motor Output Voltage 24v DC
Max Operating Power 300 Watts
Maximum Gate Length 10 Metres
Maximum Gate Weight 500 KG
Speed 28 cm/s
Working temperature -20° - 50°
RF APC Rolling code 433.92mhz
Motor Duty Cycle 90%
Auxiliary Inputs 0V Momentary Pulse
Accessories Voltage 34V DC
Operator Inbuilt Safety Over current + Encoder Sensitivity

APC Infinity The Most Advanced WiFi Control Smart Gate Automation Management Module (for APC Proteous Range only)

The most advanced gate automation Wi-Fi module (for APC Proteous Range only)

Geolocation-Based Opening - Activate the GPS and the gate will open automatically as soon as it has detected the presence of your Smartphone at the set distance  (250m / 500m/1000m options)

Remotely Manage and Check Gate Status - You can control the gate even when you are not at home and remotely check the status of your automation (Did I close my gate, or did I leave it open?) and the latest movements (when was the last time it was opened?) 

Access and Permission Management - Permissions: grant other users the use of one or more of your automation, but only in the time slot you decide.

Built-in Timer - Set new scenarios according to your needs, choosing for each one whether to activate it manually or automatically at a specific time/day 

Unlimited User - First 4 User Free (Admin +3 user)| $29 per extra user.

Compatible With

  • APC Proteous Sliding Gate Opener Systems
  • APC Logico24 Swing Gate Opener Systems


  • Remotely manage all your automation even when you are not at home. Not only check their status but also control them! (Open, close, stop, activate the pedestrian opening, etc.)
  • Geo Location Enabled - Enter your home without lifting a finger. By using the geolocation from your smartphone, APC Infinity knows where you are and will open the chosen automation for you when you approach it (250m, 500m, 1000m options)
  • Check at any time who comes and goes. The App lets you manage all your access by giving specific time slots to who you want when you want.
  • Set up programmed scenarios to manage your gate access the way you want: Daily, weekly, monthly programable timer options



Voltage 15V
Current 45mA
Max absorbed power 700mW
WiFi interface
Type 802.11b/g/n – 2.4GHz
Power e.i.r.p.  ≤ 100mW
Operating temperature  -20°C ... +50°C
Storage temperature  -25°C ... +70°C
Humidity  15% - 85%


• FIXED RED: The module is in Access Point mode, waiting for a connection
• FLASHING RED: Mismatch between the serial of the control panel and the serial stored in the module. Perform the module reset procedure
• FIXED BLUE: STA mode, module connected to the server


1. Disconnect the power supply to the control unit
2. Insert the module into the ADI port of the control board
3. At the first installation, make sure that the module is in access point mode (RED LED ON STEADY)
4. Then proceed to enroll the control panel to the server following the instructions provided by the Mobile APP


NOTE: If the module is not in access point mode, reset the module using the reset procedure: press the reset button for 3 seconds, the LED must go out and light up again, remaining steady red


How does APC Infinity Smart Gate Automation Management Wi-Fi Module work?


Download the free Application from the official stores (Google Play, Apple App Store)

APC Infinity Smart Gate Automation Management Wi-Fi Module 
  • Multiple management of unlimited gate automation systems (also located on different sites)
  • Geolocation via GPS (Activation of openings and devices in automatic or manual mode)
  • Access control (History Log)
  • Permissions for other users
  • Set new scenarios at a specific time/day, according to your needs

To use the App, you need to connect to your APC Proteous Range Gate Opener System via APC Infinity Module

APC Infinity Access Control Features

    • Opening
    • Closing
    • Stopping
    • Managing outputs
    • Geo fence management of the automation
    • Knowing the status of the automation (opened, closed, % opened, stopped) 
    • Defining the users that can have access to the site
    • Limiting user access in time (hour, day, week, and month)
    • Log and record every access to each user
    • Adding/Blocking/Deleting users
    • Opening and closing with scenarios
    • Each scenario can be performed under a timing ( specific hours of the day, daily, monthly, specific day of the year)
    • Managing multiple automation with one single command/scenario



Optional Battery Back Up

An optional battery backup system is available for the automation kit. The backup battery system will allow for continued use of the gate system and will automatically recharge upon power restoration. Whilst the system is powered it will continue to float charge to keep the batteries topped up and ready for use. The system is supplied with the charger module along with the 1.3aH battery pack and is installed within the empty compartment of the Proteous system.

Compartment with Battery Pack and Charger Installed


APC-PE2000 Photoelectric Safety Sensor Set


The Safety sensor set is used to prevent the closing cycle occurring during the case of the sensor path being interrupted by vehicles, trailers or any other obstacles.

If the gate begins to close and the sensor path is interrupted then the gate will stop and return to the open position.

Both sensors (transmitter and receiver) are wired back to the control box of the gate system using the supplied cable roll, alternatively a reflective sensor upgrade is available which will only require wiring from the sensor mounted at the control box.
  • Up to 15 Metres Infared beam operating distance

  • Only powers on when the command is given to close the gates

  • Alignment led to assist in the installation process

  • Weather sealed with the supplied cover seals

  • Easy screw down wiring termination



(2 x 50 CM) Nylon Gear Racks 1 Meter Pack | Made in Italy by Stagnoli

Interlocking Gear Racks Made in Italy by Stagnoli

The Keyed Interlocking Modular Nylon Gear Rack is Compatible with All Sliding Gate Automation

Stagnoli, Italy invented the nylon racks and has been manufacturing nylon racks since 1981. The advantage of nylon racks is no lubrication, rust-free and silent. Furthermore, with the nylon rack, there is no need to carry out any welding, which is instead required for iron racks and which involves more machining in the assembly process. GR50 is a quality product and is completely Made in Italy.




Dimensions of Modular Nylon Gear Racks | Sliding Gate Hardware

This gear rack nylon coated with steel core, strong and quiet, is compatible with all sliding gate automation, and is easy DIY install.

Modular gear racks kit includes;

A box with 2 nylon gear racks measuring 50 cm, 4 self-tapping and self-piercing screws, and 4 washers in galvanized steel. (Made in Italy by Stagnoli)



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