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Product SKU: APC-SG802-AC-WCK

AC Residential Grade Typhoon 800KG Sliding Gate Automation System With Spring Limits - Sliding Gate Opener

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  • Upto 800kg and 6m capacity, Spring Limit

  • Kit Includes

    01 APC SG802 AC 800KG Sliding Gate Motor with Power Cord (Built in Control Board)(QTY: 1)
    02 APC Four Button Keyring Remote(QTY: 3)
    03 115mm High Bolt Down Galvanized Gate Stop(QTY: 1)
    04 V4 520mm Nylon Rack(QTY: 10)
    05 APC Two Channel Wireless Keypad(QTY: 1)
    06 APC Wireless Single Push Button Switch with Key Issolation(QTY: 1)
    07 Gate Sensor | APC Photoelectric Gate Safety Sensor - Safety Beam Infrared Photocell Gate Sensor Reflector Detector(QTY: 1)
    08 10m 4 Core Non Shielded Cable(QTY: 1)
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AC Sliding Gate Automation System with Soft Start & Soft Stop Feature

Easy Installation & Ready to Plug In All In One System

Suitable for Sliding Gates up to 6 Meters in Width and up to 800kg in Weight

Strong & Durable
Strong & Durable Sliding gate motor with 800KG capacity
All In One Motor
All in one motor with built-in control board and limit switches
AC Sliding Gate Automation System
AC Sliding Gate Automation System
Manual Override
Built-in manual override for emergencies
Metal Pinion & Gears (NO PLASTIC OR NYLON)
Strong Metal Cut Pinion ensuring the highest durability
AC Sliding Gate Automation System
AC Sliding Gate Automation System

The APC Typhoon all in one AC powered sliding gate motor kit is designed to operate sliding gates up to 800kg in weight. It is an all in one motor and control panel, making it simple to install and incredibly compact and neat.

Key Features:

Soft Start & Soft Stop Feature
The APC Typhoon brings the gate up to operating speed and down to a stop gently significantly increasing the motors operating life whilst decreasing the jolting movement incurred when the feature is not available.This feature can also simply be turned off if not required.

Ultra-Compact and Sleek Design
With some clever re-arrangement, the APC Typhoon is one of the smallest physical footprint systems on the market with zero compromise in the motor or gearbox size. The bottom cast alloy section is powder coated in a ultra durable hammer tone grey finish whilst the top cover sports a lighter gloss grey making it perfectly neutral and suited for any garden or driveway.

Manual Override
Rest easy knowing that even if the power is out the gate can still be operated by using the secure key override, once overridden the gate can be easily opened and closed by hand, once re-engaged the gate is locked in and 100% secure.

Metal Chassis and Pinion Gear
Only the best parts are used to ensure an incredibly strong build quality from the robust cast alloy casing all the way to the one piece solid steel pinion gear no corners have been cut.

DIY Friendly Accessories Connections
Pre wired with the AC power cable and fitted with an on board low voltage transformer means the accessories connections are low voltage (18V DC) and safe to connect.

Feature Packed Ready for just about any accessory
With separate open and close inputs as well as an shared open/close input the APC Typhoon will support just about any wired accessory and  can be connected for a specific direction or to operate both. Perfect for Keypads, Push buttons, Induction Loops or Smart Devices such as Wi-Fi switches or GSM controllers.

On board High Security Rolling Code Receiver
Ready to go the on board receiver will accept the entire range of current APC High Security wireless control systems and accessories such as wireless keypads, push buttons and an extensive range of  remotes. Perfect for a simpler of no wiring needed installation.

Any or all of the following may be connected to operate the gate:

  Key Ring Remote Controls (Three supplied) - (More available upon request including options for sun visor remotes and long distance remotes)

The Smart remotes can be configured to One Button Mode (Default) using the same button on the remote to Open/Halt/Close the gate or Three Button Mode Using Three different buttons on the remote to individually Open, Halt and Close.

Sun Visor Remotes

Long Distance Remote
Photo Electric Safety Sensors (Supplied)
Ultra protection in case a vehicle or obstacle is in the gates path of travel the gate will not close til clear, both sensors are wired back to the gate system Optionally a reflective sensor upgrade is available removing the need for wiring across the driveway (perfect for retrofits).
Reflective Sensor Optional Upgrade
Wireless or Wired Push Button Switch (One Wireless Exit Button Supplied)
Used to operate the gates on demand by a simple press of the button allowing entry for guests from the yard, taking out the wheelie bins or any other need for a conveniently placed button operation, furthermore the button is fitted with a key isolation for security and peace of mind to completely lock out the individual button in case of going away or any other need arising to stop the operation of the button.
Wireless or Wired Keypads (One Wireless Entry Keypad Supplied)
The highest security on site access control that can only be operated by using your own pin number. Available in a back lit wired version with built in EM card reader or a convenient wireless version. Both options will support multiple pin numbers.
Intercom System with Automatic Gate Release Function (Available as an optional accessory)
We carry an extensive range of intercoms to suit wired and wireless applications connecting to a monitor inside the home/direct to smartphone or even both. Built in keypads and remotely operating the gates are also an option.
4G GSM receiver  (Available as an optional accessory)
Insert your SIM card and control your gate from anywhere in the world. Fully programmable by SMS you can configure the GSM system whilst in PRIVATE MODE to add/delete users on the fly or whilst in PUBLIC MODE accept any incoming call to operate the gate.
Wi-Fi receiver  (Available as an optional accessory)
If your gate is within range of your home Wi-Fi you can use the Smart module to operate your gates by the free APP anywhere in the world with multi user management and even setting scheduled automatic operations. Very handy to accept deliveries or have the gate open for you when you arrive home.
Induction Loop Detector (Available as an optional accessory)
Ideal for long driveways the induction loop can be used to automatically operate the gates as you approach eliminating the need for a remote or other accessory to exit.
Motor and Base Plate Dimensions Including Pinion Height
- Sliding gate not exceeding 800kg maximum
- Sliding gate not exceeding 6m width maximum
- A power point is required at the gate (or can be hardwired by an electrician)
- Level ground installations or minor gradients
Rated Power 450W
Power supply 220V-240V
Maximum Weight of Gate 800kg
Maximum Width of Gate 6m
The working temperature of the motor -5° ~ +65° C
Open (Close) speed 12m/min
Maximum Pull 22Nm
Voltage output 18V DC, Only devices with a parameter of 12-24V DC operating range can be connected to the system
Light output 240V Light, 30 Watts or Less
Accessories input Open Only
Close Only
AC Sliding Gate Automation System

Here are the Commonly FAQ asked about this product
Can I operate this sliding gate motor manually?
The motor is fitted with a manual override and supplied with a key to manually disengage the motor
Can I use this system to operate a large gate?
This system can handle a sliding gate up to 6m wide and 800kg in weight.
Are the motor & control panel all in one?
Both the motor and the control panel are housed under one casing making the motor easy to install and very neat & compact
Can I use push buttons to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired push-button switches can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I use keypads to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired keypads can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I connect a safety sensor to this system?
Photoelectric and reflective safety sensors can be connected to this system to stop the gate from closing if there is a vehicle or person in the way of the gate
Can I connect an intercom system to this gate system?
A range of different intercoms can be connected to this system allowing the intercom to unlock the gate motor from a monitor inside the house or via an app on your smartphone
Can I operate this gate system from a remote location?
A GSM Receiver or Wi-Fi Receiver can be connected to the system allowing programmed users to open/close the gate system from a remote location.
Does this gate system automatically close?
When the automatic close timer is enabled, and photoelectric safety sensors are installed the gate will automatically close
Can I connect a light to the system?
The system has a 240V light output meaning a 240V light 30 Watts or less can be connected and will operate when the gate is opening/closing.
AC Sliding Gate Automation System

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