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Twelve Apartment Eyevision Two Wire EasyInstall Intercom System With Multi Key LCD Display and Video Camera Outdoor Station - Complete Package with 4 Inch Monitors Upgradeable to 7 Inch Monitors

Product SKU: A-BusV4-WH-DMR18-12

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  • 12 Apartment Intercom EasyInstall 2 Wire System Complete Package, Includes 24 RFID Swipe Tags

  • Kit Includes

    01 4 Inch Standard Series Add On Monitor - 2 Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom System(QTY: 12)
    02 Surface Mount Multi Key LCD Door Station with RFID Reader(QTY: 1)
    03 2.5 Amp Power Supply Combo With Power Separator for Eyevision 2 Wire Video Intercom Systems(QTY: 1)
    04 2-Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom System 4-Way Distributor Module (EV-DBC4R) for up to 8 Monitors, DIN Rail Mount(QTY: 2)
    05 EM Swipe Tag(QTY: 24)
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Product Information

2 Wire Video Intercom Monitor with Touch Sensitive Buttons

2 Wire Video Intercom Monitor with Touch Sensitive Buttons

This add-on monitor is suitable for expanding on an A-BusV4 home system to enable communication between rooms throughout the home OR for expanding on an A-BusV4 apartment system

This easy-to-use 2 Wire Video Intercom Monitor is fully equipped for audio communication and video monitoring. It can be used for video monitoring of the front entrance as well as for audio communication between the visitor and the owner of the house.

This add-on 4" Monitor is suitable for expanding an existing Eyevision® A-BusV4 system as follows:
- Up to 16 monitors in a home system application
- Up to 32 monitors in an apartment system application



Main Features:

* High-quality video display of visitors and entrance
* Equipped with both video and audio
* Unique design
* Touch-sensitive buttons
* Backlit buttons when in use

* Two unlocking functions:
-Can release a 12V DC 250mA Striker for up to 9 seconds
-Dry contact relay to open automatic gates


Suitable for use as an add-on monitor for an A-BusV4 system to allow for intercom communication for all installed monitors and handsets throughout the home or apartment.


Power Supply 24V DC Supplied by the system power supply
Power Consumption Standby 8mA, Working 190mA
Screen size 4" Colour LCD
Monitor Dimension 137(H) x 137(W) x 17(Thick)



2 Wire Eyevision® Apartment Door Station

2 Wire Eyevision® Apartment Door Station

Suitable for use as an add-on or replacement door station

Surface Mounted Apartment Keypad Door Station, with LCD screen, compatible with all the Eyevision® 2 Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom Systems

Door Station Features

- 2 Wire connection
- 32 Apartments connection capacity
- Surface Mount with Rain Cover
- Proximity access control (max.1000pcs EM cards)
- Powerful password access control
- 3.5-inch color TFT display
- Screen Resolution 320 x 240 RGB
- Name list display for easy calling
- Multi-entry stations are supported
- IP 55 protection rate
- Compatible with all two-wire system models

Door Station Parts Labelled

2 Wire Eyevision® Apartment Door Station

Connection Terminals Descriptions

* +12V: 12VDC power output
* LK-(GND): Power ground
* LK+(COM): Common contact of the Relay
* NO.:Normally open contact of the Relay (refer to the technical guide for lock connection detail information)
* EB+: Exit button connection port
* EB-: Exit button connection port
* JP-LK: For electronic lock safety typesetting
* T/R-: USB-RS485 communication terminal negative
* T/R+: USB-RS485 communication terminal positive
* Bus (L1,L2): non-polarity bus line

2 Wire Eyevision® Apartment Door Station

Door Station Dimensions

2 Wire Eyevision® Apartment Door Station

Door Station Specifications

Power Supply DC24V
Camera Lens 1/4" ACS 4T image sensor with DPS processor
Power Consumption Standby 94mA; Working Status 157mA
Screen 3.5 inch TFT
Resolution 320 (R, G, B) x240 pixels
Wiring 2 Wires, non-polarity
Dimensions 350 (H) x 128 (W) x 46 (D) mm





Multi Monitors or Door Station Signal Distributor for Eyevision 2 Wire Systems

The DBC4R is a Multi Monitors or Door Station Signal Distributor used to transfer all power and data between the monitors/Door Stations and the bus line.

The DBC4R will support up to 8 Monitors or Door Stations which is the single system maximum.

For Apartment System

The EV-DBC4R is a 4-way bus distribution unit for connecting individual monitors on a multiway system with 8 or more 2 Wire EasyInstall Eyevision Monitors. 

The DBC4R is a 4-output video amplifier.

  • There are 2 working modes: riser mode and distributor mode;
  • Separate isolation protection without affecting other devices on the bus system;
  • Short-circuit indication for convenient maintenance;
  • Periodic self-detection mechanism for recovery.



Power Supply  : DC20~30V
Working Temperature  : -100C~+400C
Wiring  : 2 wires (non-polarity)
Dimension  : 89(H)×71(W)×45(D)mm
Standby Current  : 4~5mA



The DBC4R Four Branch Distributor is compatible with all Eyevision 2-wire EasyInstall Video Intercom Systems


Basic In-Out Mode Wiring Diagram


Riser Mode Wiring Diagram



Combo Power Supply and Power Separator For all Eyevision 2 Wire Home Systems

The EV-PS-C7H is a combo power supply and power separator for the Eyevision® 2 Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom Systems. It has a simple Phoneix connection for the BUS line for the door station(s) and monitor(s).

Power supply for Eyevision 2 Wire EasyInstall video intercom systems 28 VDC.

Current 2,5A. Short-circuit, overvoltage and overload protection.

Separated power supply and DPS.

Supports up to 32 monitors depending on the model.

Key Features:
- 24V 2.5A Power Source
- Din Rail Mounting (Supplied)

All Eyevision® 2-Wire Wideo Intercom Systems.



2-Wire Video Intercom


Eyevision® 2 Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom for Apartment, Units, Villas



Input voltage

230VAC / 50Hz

Output voltage

28 VDC




5 modules on DIN rail

Basic In-Out Mode Wiring Diagram

Riser Mode Wiring Diagram




Cable Requirements

Eyevision® 2 wire Cable Requirements



  • CAT5 up to 80m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Straight Pair 1mm2 up to 50m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Twisted Pair 1mm2 up to 120m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Twisted Pair 1.5mm2 up to 200m between the door station and each apartment.



The Eyevision® 2 wire monitors are very powerful and will deliver high-quality video and audio, it is recommended to use the best quality cables that will suit your installation. Use cables with very good-quality copper conductors in order to maximize the clarity of the system.

This is why we provide a free high-quality 20m twisted pair with every monitor. Using this cable will guarantee the best-optimized results in video and audio transmission for up to 200m.

Larger sizes of these twisted pair cables manufactured for this system are available at very competitive prices.



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