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3.5m Arched Gates (2x 1.75m), Gate Automation & Hardware Combos with 36V Brushless Turbo-Speed Gate Opener System, 100% Italian Made by Roger Technology. Complete Double Swing Electric Gate Packages

Product SKU: GTAR35-BE20-HS-5000-DC

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Kit Price:

$3,399.00 $3,504.00 APC Automotion Plus Sale

  • Timeless Arched Top Gate with Rings supplied with Italian Made 36V Brushless Turbo-Speed Gate Opener System and Hardware

  • Kit Includes

    01 3.5m Double Arched Top Gates (2x1.75m)(QTY: 1)
    02 TURBO-SPEED BRUSHLESS 36V Swing Gate Opener Motor|100% Italian Made by Roger Technology BE20/200/HS for Swing Gate Automation System.(QTY: 2)
    03 Roger Technology 36V Swing Gate Digital Control Board for BRUSHLESS Motor with Weatherproof Plastic Control Box. | 100% Italian Made |(QTY: 1)
    04 10m 3 Core Non-Shielded Cable(QTY: 1)
    05 Roger Technology Two-Button Remote Control(QTY: 2)
    06 Left Side Strap Hinges (Top & Bottom Left Side Hinge Set)(QTY: 1)
    07 Right Side Strap Hinges (Top & Bottom Right Side Hinge Set)(QTY: 1)
    08 65mm High Centre Driveway Rubber Gate Stop with Steel Base(QTY: 1)
    09 Roger Technology Safety Sign Board(QTY: 1)
    10 Roger Technology FIVE YEAR Parts Warranty on Stator and Rotor of the Brushless Digital Motor and TWO YEAR Warranty on All Other Parts Including Electronics (Excluding consumables - remotes)(QTY: 1)
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Product Information

Timeless Arch Top Design Gate with 19mm Pickets and an additional Horizontal Support Rail

Key Features
  • Timeless Arch Top Design
  • 1500mm Height Arching to 1650mm
  • 19mm Pickets
  • Robust Satin Black Powdercoating
  • 40x40mm Steel for Top & Sides
  • 40x40mm Vertical & Horizontal Support Rails
  • 80x40mm Bottom Rail
  • Completely Welded Throughout

  • Double Swing Gate Applications
  • Residential Use
  • Commercial Use

100% Italian Made by Roger Technology BE20/200/HS for Swing Gate Automation System. 

Italian-Made Roger Technology Brushless Ultra High-Speed Swing Gate Motor
| Max. 2.5M or 300KG Each Gate Leaf (5m Opening for Double Swing Gates) | Super Intensive Use |

Ultra High-Speed 100% Duty Cycle 36V Brushless Technology Engine With Mechanical Stopper in Opening and Closing Limits

Electromechanical actuator TURBO-SPEED BRUSHLESS, 36V low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, irreversible swing gate opener with mechanical stopper in opening and closing.

Adjustable built-in stopper

Simple to adjust just loosen off and slide to the desired stop point and re-tighten. Also supplied with a second stopper to allow the system to stop in the close position without a physical stop required, this is ideal in Push to Open Outwards scenarios or even Pull to Open scenarios where the gate is high off the ground.

Actuator Overview

Extra Heavy Duty Single Gate Opener

Dimensions and System Capacity

Installation Geometry


Technical Specifications

Power line supply: 230V AC - 50Hz
Motor power supply: 36V
Power rating: 200W
Frequency of use: Intensive use
Thrust: 100 - 2200N
Operating temperature: -20 C° +55 C°
Protection level: IP44
Reductor Type: Irreversible
Stroke: 400 mm
Limit switch: Mechanical stopper in opening and closing
Encoder: Digital native encoder SENSORLESS 48 PPR
Operating cycles per day
(opening/closing - 24 hours, no stop):
Maximum dimension product in mm
(L x W x H):
867 x 105 x 155
Product weight packed (Kg): 21,7


Roger Technology 36V Swing Gate Digital Control Board
for BRUSHLESS Motor with Weatherproof Plastic Control Box.
| 100% Italian Made | EDGE1/BOX |

The Roger Technology 36V EDGE1/BOX Swing Gate Digital Control Board for BRUSHLESS Motor with Weatherproof Plastic Control Box.
| 100% Italian Made |

The 36 V EDGE1 control unit controls 1 or 2 ROGER brushless motors in the sensorless mode for applications on large-sized or heavy gate wings.

The control board is protected with a cover to avoid insect damage (the most significant cause of control board failure in Australia).


Technical Features

Power line supply: 230V AC - 50 Hz
Operating temperature: -10+55 C°
Protection level: IP54
N. motors activated: 2 Brushless Motor
Max power per motor: 250W
Max courtesy light charge: 100W 230V AC - 40W 24V AC/DC
Max power gate open light: 3W (24V DC)
Max voltage accessories output: 20W (24V DC)
Electrical-Lock max power: 15W (12V DC)
Flashlight voltage: 24V DC
Max flashing light charge: 25W
Battery: Optional
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H): 330 x 230 x 115
Product weight packed (Kg): 5,8


Control Board Overview


Accessories Compatibility and Controlling Options

  • Constant DC Accessories Output
  • Open/Stop/Close Inputs for Full Gate Operation and Pedestrian Gate Operation
  • Remote controls
  • Induction Loops
  • Weekly Timers
  • Entry and Exit push button with isolation key switches (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
  • Keypads (Wired and Wireless Options Available)
  • Exit/entry sensors
  • Intercom system with dry contact output
  • Automatic switching timer
  • WiFi Control System (App-Based Control)
  • GSM Control Systems (Mobile Call/SMS-based Control)



Remote Control Features


Fix code transmitter 433,92 Mhz. 2 channels, with radio for copy.

Technical features

Standard power: 3V DC
Absorption: 12mA
Operating temperature: -10+55 °C
The number of channels: 2
Codification: Fix code
Modulation: AM/ASK
Carried frequency: 433.92MHz
The number of combinations: 65536
Radio for a copy: Yes
The maximum distance in the open field: 150m
Battery: Mod "CR2032" 3V
Maximum dimension product in mm
(L x W x H):
38 x 68 x 11
Product weight packed (Kg): 0,03




65mm Rubber Gate Stop


The supplied 65mm rubber gate stop with a steel base is used for the gate alignment and tension whilst they are in the closed position; it also allows the gates to be mounted up to 50mm off the ground.

Being that the minimum vehicle height from the ground is 100mm, it will not interfere with the vehicle. In the case that the vehicle was lower than the typical minimum, the stopper would not cause any damage as it is constructed from solid rubber but retains its general strength from the steel plate used at the bottom side contacting the driveway.

65mm Rubber Gate Stop Dimensions



Heavy Duty Galvanized Strap Hinge For Swing Gates Top & Bottom Left & Right Side Hinge Set

Left & Right Side Strap Hinge

Key Advantages:

  • Simple Screw On Installation

  • Lift On Design

  • Galvanized Steel and will not rust

  • Heavy Duty and Suited for up to 100Kg / 3 Meter Gates

  • Capacity can be increased by installing and additional hinge

  • Concealed Ball Bearing Design

  • Service Free Maintenance

  • Inspection/Lubrication Point


 Left & Right Side Strap Hinge


Rating (KG)

100KG per gate leaf


Galvanized Steel

Hinge Type

Heavy Duty Strap Hinge with Concealed Ball Bearing


Screw to Gate and Post

Your Customised Kit Includes:

No Changes.

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