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3000KG (3 Tonne) Commercial Grade Sliding Gate Automation System and Gate Hardware DIY Kit Includes APC Typhoon 3000 Automatic Electric Sliding Gate AC Motor, Remotes, Retro Reflective Safety Sensor, Wireless Access Controller and Sliding Gate Hardware Set.

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  • Sliding Gate Opener and Hardware Kit, APC Typhoon Sliding Gate AC Motor, 3000 KG / 12 Metre Capacity, Spring Limit

  • Kit Includes

    01 APC Typhoon 3000 SG3000AC 3000KG Sliding Gate Motor with Power Cord (Built in Control Board)(QTY: 1)
    02 APC Four Button Keyring Remote(QTY: 2)
    03 Gear Rack Nylon Coated With Steel Core, Strong and Quiet - (1m Pack - 2 x 50 CM) Made in Italy by Stagnoli(QTY: 4)
    04 APC Retro Reflective Safety Sensor - for gate opening system safety Retro Reflective Gate Sensor(QTY: 1)
    05 APC Two Channel Wireless Keypad(QTY: 1)
    06 APC Wireless Double Push Button Switch with Key Issolation(QTY: 1)
    07 Singular 78mm Recess Mount Wheels(QTY: 2)
    08 100mm Roller(QTY: 2)
    09 165x110mm Galvanized Bracket(QTY: 1)
    10 55mm Galvanized U Guide Gate Receiver Catcher(QTY: 1)
    11 115mm High Bolt Down Galvanized Gate Stop(QTY: 1)
    12 1m Galvanized Sliding Gate Track (Required Double the Width of Gate)(QTY: 8)
    13 Pack Of Hammer in Anchor Nails for Sliding Gate Track(QTY: 1)
    14 Two FREE Sunvisor Remote Controls (Promotion) with every Electric Gate Automation Kit order.(QTY: 2)
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Product Information

Typhoon 3000 Extra Heavy Duty

AC Sliding Gate Automation System

Easy Installation All in one Motor and Control Panel for Sliding Gate

Suitable for sliding gates up to 3000kg


Strong & Durable
Strong & Durable Sliding gate motor with 3000KG capacity
All In One Motor
All in one motor with built-in control board and limit switches
AC Sliding Gate Automation System
Manual Override
Built-in a manual override for emergencies
Metal Pinnion & Gears (NO PLASTIC OR NYLON)
Strong Metal Cut Pinnion ensuring the highest durability
AC Sliding Gate Automation System
AC Sliding Gate Automation System


This all-in-one AC-powered sliding gate motor kit is designed to operate sliding gates up to 3000kg in weight. It is an all-in-one motor and control panel, making it simple to install and extremely compact and neat.

- Manual Override
- All Metal Gears
- Metal Gear Drive
- All in one internal Motor and Control Panel

Controlling Options:

(any or all of the following may be connected to operate the gate)

- Remote Controls (2 supplied - more available upon request)
- Wireless or Wired Entry push button switch (Available as an optional accessory)
- Wireless or Wired Exit push button switch (Available as an optional accessory)
- Wireless or Wired Keypads (Available as an optional accessory)
- Safety Photoelectric Sensors (supplied - more available upon request)
- Intercom system with dry contact output (Available as an optional accessory)
- GSM receiver with separate power supply (Available as an optional accessory)
- Wi-Fi receiver with separate power supply (Available as an optional accessory)
- Loop Detector (Available as an optional accessory)


Motor Dimensions


AC Sliding Gate Automation System


Rated Power 1200W
Power supply 220V±10% 50Hz
Maximum Weight of Gate 3000kg
Maximum Width of Gate 12m
The working temperature of the motor -25°? +55°
Open (Close) speed 12m/min
Maximum Pull 65Nm
Working Humidity ≤85%
Voltage output Only devices with a parameter of 12-24V DC operating range can be connected to the system
Light output 240V Light, 30 Watts or Less
Accessories input Open Only
Close Only


AC Sliding Gate Automation System
Here are the Commonly FAQ asked about this product
Can I operate this sliding gate motor manually?
The motor is fitted with a manual override and supplied with a key to manually disengage the motor
Can I use this system to operate a large gate?
This motor can handle a sliding gate up to 3000 kg in weight
Are the motor & control panel all in one?
Both the motor and the control panel are housed under one casing making the motor easy to install and very neat & compact
Can I use push buttons to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired push-button switches can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I use keypads to operate this system?
Both wireless & wired keypads can be used to open/close the gate motor
Can I connect a safety sensor to this system?
Photoelectric and reflective safety sensors can be connected to this system to stop the gate from closing if there is a vehicle or person in the way of the gate
Can I connect an intercom system to this gate system?
A range of different intercoms can be connected to this system allowing the intercom to unlock the gate motor from a monitor inside the house or via an app on your smartphone
Can I operate this gate system from a remote location?
A GSM Receiver or Wi-Fi Receiver can be connected to the system allowing programmed users to open/close the gate system from a remote location. Please note, to connect these accessories to the system a separate power pack must be used.
Does this gate system automatically close?
When the automatic close timer is enabled and photoelectric safety sensors are installed the gate will automatically close
Can I connect a light to the system?
The system has a 240V light output meaning a 240V light 30 Watts or less can be connected and will operate when the gate is opening/closing.
Can I lock my gate if I go away?
This system has a LOCK-OUT feature where the user can press button number 4 on any of the programmed remote controls to disable all wireless/wired accessories until button 3 is pressed on the remote to enable the system.
AC Sliding Gate Automation System

Remember, You are welcome to ask more questions! You can always rely on Automotionplus for quality products and great service, we are only a phone call away or please visit our showroom.

APC-RR-11 Retro Reflective Sensor


The retro-reflective Safety sensor set is used to prevent the closing cycle occurring during the case of the sensor path being interrupted by vehicles, trailers or any other obstacles.

If the gate begins to close and the sensor path is interrupted then the gate will stop and return to the open position.

The sensor ( which is the transmitter and receiver) is wired back to the control box of the gate system using the pre-connected cable. There is no requirement for wiring across the driveway using this type of sensor.
  • Up to 11 Metres Infrared beam operating distance

  • Only powers on when the command is given to close the gates

  • Alignment & Misalignment led to assist in the installation process

  • Resin filled for the ultimate weatherproofing

APC-KP2W Wireless Keypad Features


  • Low Power Consumption only 18uA in standby.

  • Easy to replace AA battery-powered system (supplied) with up to two years usage on general use.

  • High strength tempered glass faceplate with an ultra-modern and highly reliable touch-sensitive operation.

  • Blue Backlight illumination upon touch with an automatic timeout to return to standby.

  • Two dedicated LED indicators indicating and accepted pin code (green) and also security lockout (red)

  • IP53 Weatherproof rated and suited for outdoor and indoor environments.

  • Built in Anti Tamper alarm and security lockout to help prevent theft and unauthorized usage.

  • Pin code scramble allowing the user to input a series of random number before the pin code to prevent pin code theft.

  • Two-Channel operation allowing the user to control two different items or functions using separate pin codes.

Channel 1 supports up to 8 Pin Numbers (Full Gate Feature)
Channel 2 supports up to 3 Pin Numbers (Pedestrian Gate Feature)


Wireless Double Push Button with Isolation Key


The wireless double push button switch is a simple and easy to use method to operate the gate for full gate operation and also pedestrian function.

It is mounted in the general area of the gate and can be isolated by using the supplied keys without affecting the rest of the system, this is handy if you want to continue using the remotes or any other method of operation but wish to stop use of the push button itself.

The wireless push button communicates with the control board using the same rolling code 433mhz frequency as the remote thus eliminating the need for any extra add ons. If required the wireless push button can be upgraded to a wireless keypad for higher access security using pin number and can have diffrent pin codes for both the full gate operation and pedestrian function.


(2 x 50 CM) Nylon Gear Racks 1 Meter Pack | Made in Italy by Stagnoli

Interlocking Gear Racks Made in Italy by Stagnoli

The Keyed Interlocking Modular Nylon Gear Rack is Compatible with All Sliding Gate Automation

Stagnoli, Italy invented the nylon racks and has been manufacturing nylon racks since 1981. The advantage of nylon racks is no lubrication, rust-free and silent. Furthermore, with the nylon rack, there is no need to carry out any welding, which is instead required for iron racks and which involves more machining in the assembly process. GR50 is a quality product and is completely Made in Italy.




Dimensions of Modular Nylon Gear Racks | Sliding Gate Hardware

This gear rack nylon coated with steel core, strong and quiet, is compatible with all sliding gate automation, and is easy DIY install.

Modular gear racks kit includes;

A box with 2 nylon gear racks measuring 50 cm, 4 self-tapping and self-piercing screws, and 4 washers in galvanized steel. (Made in Italy by Stagnoli)




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