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Simple 2 Wire Audio Intercom Handset

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Product Information


Eyevision® Digital Audio Handset

This digital audio hand set is an add-on product to the Eyevision® 2 wire range of digital video and audio intercom systems, it offers a unique modern appearance and crystal clear voice quality using a twisted pair 1mm or 1.5mm.

Hand Set Main Features:

* Unique design
* Digital quality sound
* Touch sensor control buttons
* Backlit buttons when in use
* Up to 4 hand sets
* Two unlocking functions:
-12V DC output to power and open an electric striker up to 250mA
-Dry contact relay to open automatic gates

Eyevision® Digital Audio Handset

Audio hand set dimensions and functions

Eyevision® Digital Audio Handset

Cable Requirements

Eyevision® Digital Audio Handset

CAT5 up to 80m between the door station and each apartment.
Straight Pair 1mm2 up to 50m between the door station and each apartment.
Twisted Pair 1mm2 up to 120m between the door station and each apartment.
Twisted Pair 1.5mm2 up to 200m between the door station and each apartment.

Recommendation: The Eyevision® 2 wire systems are a very powerful monitor and will deliver high quality video and audio, it is recommended to use the best quality cables the will suit your installation, use cables with very good quality copper conductor in order to maximize the clarity of the picture and sound.
If you are not committed to cable such as CAT5 or Straight Pair, then it is highly recommended to use a Twisted pair between 1mm2 or 1.5mm2, using this cable will guarantee the best optimized results in video and audio transmission for up to 200m.
Twisted pair cables manufactured for this system are available at very competitive prices, please click here

Please note: 20m cable is provided with this package.