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Roger Technology Synchronized Gate Safety Sensor G90 F4ES Photocells. Pair of external photocells synchronized 24V AC/DC up to 4 pairs. | Safety Beam Infrared Technology Gate Sensor Motion Detector

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Product Information


Roger Technology G90 F4ES Photocells Safety Sensor Features

Roger Technology Gate Safety Sensor - Safety Beam Infrared Technology Photocell Gate Sensor Detector



Pair of external photocells synchronized 24V AC/DC up to 4 pairs.


Product Description

The synchronized photocells are presence detectors that use infrared technology, which allows for detecting obstacles in the optical axis between the transmitter and receiver photocells. They can be used for automatic entrances, courtesy services and monitoring passageways.

Synchronization allows you to connect up to 4 pairs of photocells without worrying that they may interfere with each other. Synchronization is accomplished through an additional wire connecting the photocell transmitters and receivers. Synchronization is achieved with a photocell TX, called MASTER, and is transmitted to the receiver coupled to it and to all the other pairs of photocells available (called SLAVE).

For these instructions, the transmitter photocell is called the TX photocell, and the receiver photocell is called the RX photocell. In contrast, one or more pairs of photocells (always composed of an RX and a TX photocell) will be referred to as photocells. These photocells are intended for installation on mounting surfaces that are flat and parallel to each other, which enables proper centring between the TX and the RX photocells.


Technical features

Standard power: 24V AC 50Hz - 24V DC
Absorption: TX 18 mA - RX 27 mA
Operating temperature: -20+55°C
Protection level: IP55
The maximum distance in the open field: 10 - 15 m
Maximum number of photocells synchronized: 4
Relay contacts max current: 0,5A RX
Relay contacts max voltage: 30V
Installation Type: External
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H): 77 x 75 x 29,2
Product weight packed (Kg): 0,2





Predisposition for standard installation