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  • 2 Wire Smart Video Intercom System, WiFi Connection, Smart Phone APP, 105° Video Camera, 2 Call Buttons Doorbell
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Eyevision® EasyInstall Two-Wire Smart Video Intercom System with 2 Touch Screen WiFi Monitors and 2 Call Buttons Door Station 105° Wide Angle Outdoor Video Camera Doorbell for 2 Unit

Product SKU: EV-2W-2x7WF-D302

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  • 2 Wire Smart Video Intercom System, WiFi Connection, Smart Phone APP, 105° Video Camera, 2 Call Buttons Doorbell

  • Kit Includes

    01 Two-Wire Video Intercom WIFI Monitor. Eyevision® EasyInstall 2Wire 7 Inch, Touch Screen Monitor with Wi-Fi Feature for Smartphone APP(QTY: 2)
    02 Eyevision® Two Wire EasyInstall Surface Mount Video Intercom 2 Call Buttons Door Station. 105° Wide Angle Video Doorbell Station(QTY: 1)
    03 Combo Power Supply and Separator for Eyevision 2 Wire Video Intercom Systems(QTY: 1)
    04 2-Wire EasyInstall Video Intercom System 4-Way Distributor Module (EV-DBC4A1) for up to 4 Door Panels or Monitors, DIN Rail Mount(QTY: 1)
    05 20m Cable, Twisted pair 1mm thick for use with the Eyevision 2 wire systems(QTY: 1)
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Product Information

Eyevision® Two-Wire 7" Touch Screen WiFi Monitor

7 " touch screen wi-fi monitor, compatible with all the Eyevision 2 wire home or apartment intercom systems

  • 7” touchscreen display
  • Easy to navigate the main menu
  • Surveillance of door station from mobile devices through the VDP Connect App(e-Mail registration is not required)
  • Divert calls to mobile device
  • Select from 22 ringtones
  • Select unique ringtones for each device to easily differentiate the source of the call
  • No disturb mode
  • Door/gate release
  • Record camera video manually while talking to a visitor
  • SD card slot for additional storage



Monitor's Features


2 Wires Video Intercom System with Camera Door Station

2 Wire Technology
The Eyevision® 2 wire systems are very powerful and highly expandable. They will deliver high-quality video and audio functions as well as a sleek graphical user interface.
The 2-wire technology is a non-polarity easy 2-wire connection.

2 Wires Video Intercom System with Camera Door Station

Internal Intercom
Internal intercom between all installed monitors, allowing each monitor connected to be able to call any other monitors, once another monitor answers then there will be hands-free communication between the 2 monitors.

2 Wires Video Intercom System with Camera Door Station

This system has 22 Doorbell melodies to choose from.

2 Wires Video Intercom System with Camera Door Station

Touch screen
7" Colour TFT LCD touchscreen operation with easy-to-use menus.

2 Wires Video Intercom System with Camera Door Station

Additional Monitors Connection
Additional monitors can be connected to the system, allowing full communication throughout all the connected monitors via the use of EV-DBC4 which can be found under 2 Wire Accessories.

Wi-Fi Feature for Smartphone APP
Surveillance of door station from mobile devices through the VDP Connect App (e-Mail registration is not required)


Additional Monitor Features:

- Wi-Fi Feature for Smartphone APP (No e-Mail registration needed)
- Ultra thin with a total depth of 22mm.
- True color 7" Digital TFT screen.
- Touch screen operation with easy-to-use menus.
- Touch sensor buttons for quick access.
- Graphic menu display.
- Multi monitors connections with the use of EV-DBC4 distributors 


Power supply: DC 20~28V

Power consumption: Standby 0.25W; Working 5W

Communication: Hands-free

Screen: 7 Inch Digital Colour TFT

Display Resolutions: 800*3(R, G, B) x 480 pixels

Video signal: 1Vp-p, 75Ω, CCIR standard

Wiring: 2 wires, non-polarity

Dimension: 161(H) × 174(W) × 22(D)mm


Two Wire Eyevision® Add-on 2 Call Buttons Door Station 
Suitable for use with any of the Eyevision® Two Wire Intercom Systems

Eyevision® 2 Wire Slim Design Surface Mounted Weatherproof Zinc Alloy Panel Door Station, Camera, Door Bell with Rain Cover, with built-in 105° Camera Angle and two-channel operation (1 channel is built into the door station, second lock channel via add-on relay EV-RLC-S which can be found under Eyevision® 2 wire accessories).

When the EV-D302 is coupled with the Eyevision® 2 Wire monitors, this door station will display the highest quality digital picture allowing the user to see who is at the gate or door as well as talk to the visitor and unlock the gate or door.


* Camera View: 105º Camera Angle
2 Call Buttons
* Material: Zinc Alloy Panel
* Camera: CMOS 800TVL
* 2 Channels Output (second lock via add-on component EV-RLC-S which can be found under two wire accessories)
* Weatherproof IP54
* Surface Mount, supplied with a Rain Cover
* Nameplate display with backlight


Power Supply: DC 24V
Power Consumption: Standby 0.8W; Working 3W
Camera lens: Color CMOS, 800TVL
1/3’’ camera, 105º wide angle
Number of calling keys 2
Lock Power supply: 12Vdc, 250mA(Internal Power);
A number of relay circuits: 2(the second lock needs an external device to support) 
Number of Relays: 2 (second using an add-on RLC)
Mounting: Surface wall-mount
Working temperature: -20ºC ~ +55ºC
Protection: IP54
Material: Zinc Alloy Panel
Wiring: 2 Wires, Non-Polarity
Dimension:  176(H)×90(W)×27(D)mm 

Door Station Installation


Cable Requirements

Eyevision® 2 wire Cable Requirements



  • CAT5 up to 80m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Straight Pair 1mm2 up to 50m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Twisted Pair 1mm2 up to 120m between the door station and each apartment.
  • Twisted Pair 1.5mm2 up to 200m between the door station and each apartment.



The Eyevision® 2 wire monitors are very powerful and will deliver high-quality video and audio, it is recommended to use the best quality cables that will suit your installation. Use cables with very good-quality copper conductors in order to maximize the clarity of the system.

This is why we provide a free high-quality 20m twisted pair with every monitor. Using this cable will guarantee the best-optimized results in video and audio transmission for up to 200m.

Larger sizes of these twisted pair cables manufactured for this system are available at very competitive prices.


Combo Power Supply and Power Separator For all Eyevision 2 Wire Home Systems

Combo Power Supply and Power Seperator

The EV-PS-C7 is a combo power supply and power separator for the Eyevision® 2 wire systems. It has a simple Phoneix connection for the BUS line for the door station(s) and monitor(s).

Key Features:
- 24V 1.5A Power Source
- Din Rail Mounting (Supplied)

All Eyevision® 2 Wire Home Systems.


Diagram of 1 Door Station and 1 Monitor using the EV-PS-C7

Diagram of Multi Door Station and 1 Monitor using the EV-PS-C7

Diagram of 1 Door Station and Multi-Monitor using the EV-PS-C7

With DBC4A Wiring Mode




Multi Monitors or Door Station Signal Distributor for Eyevision 2 Wire Systems

The DBC4A1 is a Multi Monitors or Door Station Signal Distributor used to transfer all power and data between the monitors/Door Stations and the bus line.

The DBC4A1 will support up to 4 Monitors or Door Stations which is the single system maximum.

For Apartment System

Up to 8 x DBC4A1 may connect to one apartment system that allows a connection of up to 32 monitors,
Up to 4x DBC4A1 can be connected allowing up to 16 monitors in a villa or home system.

USAGE: The line distributor allows to branch the main line for 4 indoor monitors or 4 door stations.

INSTALLATION: The distributor module has a white ABS housing and mounts on the DIN rail or on screws. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to connect a door station and a monitor to one hub at the same time. For example; To split the signal for three monitors and two outdoor panels - you need to use separate two distribution blocks.

POWER: Takes power from the main line, own consumption 0.5W during activity, 0.25W standby. The status indicator will light up when receiving the signal and the working indicator will light up when connected.

Four Branch Distributor for 2-Wire Video Intercom System

It allows you to connect up to 4 intercoms or door phones to one system (door stations and monitors cannot be connected at the same time). It does not need external power.

Cannot be used to branch into separate monitor branches that have additional hubs of their own.


  • Signal amplifier
  • Branch module for home-run Monitor Stations or Entry Panels
  • For door stations(max.4) or monitors(max.4)
  • Automatically matching for all Eyevision EasyInsttal 2-Wire Video Intercom Devices
  • Star topology for multi-door stations or monitors
  • Separate isolation protection without affecting another device on the bus system
  • Short-circuit indication for convenient maintenance
  • The periodic self-detection mechanism for recovery



  • Two Inputs
  • Four Outputs
  • LED status indicators
  • Line termination switch
  • Wiring: 2 wires (non-polarity)
  • Mounting: on DIN rail or screws
  • Working Temperature: -10°C~+40°C
  • Dimension: 89(H)×71(W)×45(D)mm
  • Housing Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: White



The DBC4A1 Four Branch Distributor is compatible with all Eyevision 2-wire EasyInstall Video Intercom Systems

Example Wiring for 4 Monitors


Example Wiring for 4 Door Stations


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