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Bi-fold Swing Gate Hardware (Hinges Included) | Driveway Single Swing Folding Gates Space-Saving Feature All-in-one Box (CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS) | Gates are not included.

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Bi-fold Swing Gate Hardware (Hinges Included) | Driveway Single Swing Folding Gates Space-Saving Feature All-in-one Box (CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS) | Gates are not included.


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  • Bi-Folding Gate Hardware, Central Hinges Included, for Single Leaf Max Lenght 3m, Max Weight 110kg, Max Height 2m

  • Kit Includes

    01 Bi-fold Swing Gate Hardware (Hinges Included) for Driveway Folding Gates Space-Saving Feature All-in-one Box (CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS) (QTY: 1)
    02 Bolt-On / Bolt-On Adjustable Hinge for 180° Opening Swing Gates, Made in Europe | CAIS FOLD-16 Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Gate Hinge (QTY: 2)
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Product Information

Bi-Folding Single Swing Gate Hardware

Central Hinges Included (no need to weld)- Bolt On Bolt On Adjustable Hinge for 180° Opening Swing Gates


Bi-Folding Gate Hardware for Each Leaf;

  • Max Lenght 3m,
  • Max Height 2m,
  • Max Weight 110kg,

Gates are not included.

Bi-Fold Driveways Swing Gate Hardware, Space-Saving Feature, All-In-One Box | Twin Drive Plus Trackless Bi-Folding Gate Hardware

FREE UP EXTRA SPACE | Bi-Fold Swing Gate Hardware

A traditional type swing gate uses up to 100% more backspace in its opening and closing than bi-folding swing gates. This means that the standard space taken up by a conventional swing gate will be free to be utilised in another way. The CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS  bi-folding hardware is particularly useful in places where space is at a premium, such as urban areas with high population density. The traditional swinging gate will take up valuable space and can be quite inconvenient to use at times. The CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS bi-folding system will free up more space for vehicles or foot traffic.

The Installation Steps | Bi-folding Driveways Swing Gate Complete Hardware 

The installation does not require complicated steps and materials, and no welding is required; therefore, the working time is not too long. We invite you to follow the installation steps below. 


Other Benefits of Bi-Folding Gate Hardware (Swing Gate Leaf Twin Drive Plus)

Swing Gate Bi-Folding TWIN DRIVE PLUS is an ideal solution for driveway entrance access. It is designed to allow a vehicle user full manoeuvrability around a property. A Bi-Folding Gate will be less expensive to automate than a double swing gate since it requires only one gate operator instead of two. It is a perfect solution for the entrance with a gravel surface, considering that you do not need to lay down the rails. There‘s no doubt that Bi-Folding Gates is a money and space-saving alternative that is convenient and can be very stylish.


Extremely Quiet | Trackless Bi-Folding System

In the past, Swing Bi-Folding gates were originally very noisy, using steel rails and wheels, which can be very noisy compared to the New CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS Trackless Bi-Folding System.

Bi-Folding Swing Gate Complete Hardware Installation on the Left And Right Side Gates With Folding Hinges



The CAIS TWIN DRIVE PLUS Trackless Bi-Folding System is reliable in any weather condition, even if the wind blows heavily.

Bi-Folding Swing Gate System's Special Needs

They need a special frame, so a few factors need to be considered, such as cross-bracing. The reason why cross-bracing is fundamental is primarily to keep the leaf from sagging.  A compression cross-brace transfers weight from the top bar by pushing down against the bottom hinge or a vertical component or post, which transfers the load to both hinges. Improper or missing cross-bracing will cause the Vertical deflection of the leaf.  Cross-bracing should always “lean into opening”. Furthermore, the bi-folding swing gate only works properly when the internal hinges are properly installed concerning the vertical axle. You‘ll also need to consider the wiring of safety edges, as this feature should be accommodated in the frame.

CAIS FOLD-16 Adjustable Hinge(Bold-On) For 180° Opening Swing Gates

Heavy-duty steel bold-on hinges. Made in Europe by CAIS

90kg capacity bold-on 180° opening gate hinges, CAIS FOLD-16 for driveway swing gates.

The CAIS range of gate accessories is made from high-quality German steel and is heavily galvanised for longer life and rust resistance.

  • 270g/m2 Hot Dipped Galvanised


- Bi-Fold Swing Gates
- Single Swing Gates
- Double Swing Gates

Max Width: 1500
Max Height: 1500
Max M2: 2,2
Max Capacity: 90kg (Maximum 180kg with a pair of these hinges.)


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