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Automatic Gate Safety Kit with Retro-reflective Photoelectric Beam Safety Sensor and Flashing Warning Light with Built-In Antenna for Safely Operating Electric Gate Automation

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  • Automatic Gate Safety Pack with Retroreflective Safety Sensor and Flashing Warning Light for Driveway Gate Opener

  • Kit Includes

    01 APC Retro Reflective Safety Sensor - for gate opening system safety Retro Reflective Gate Sensor(QTY: 1)
    02 APC-ULA Safety Light with Antenna **BYO Cabling**(QTY: 1)
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Product Information

Automatic Gate Safety Kit with Retro-reflective Photoelectric Beam Safety Sensor and Flashing Warning Light with Built-In Antenna for Safely Operating Electric Gate Automation


Retroreflective Sensors for Automated Electric Gate

APC-RR-11 Retroreflective Sensor

APC retroreflective sensor is a gate safety sensor that detects the presence or absence of an object by using a beam of light. APC Retroreflective Sensor is used in gate automation to operate safely.

The APC-RR-11 Gate Safety Sensor is a device designed to enhance the safety of gates, mainly automated gates. It is typically installed near the driveway gate and consists of one or more sensors that detect objects or obstructions in the gate's path. When an object is detected, the sensor sends a signal to the gate control system, prompting the gate to stop or reverse its operation to prevent accidents or damage. Gate Safety Sensors are essential for ensuring the safe operation of gates and minimizing the risk of injury or property damage.

Easy to Install DIY Gate Sensor

With RR-11, Retroreflective Sensor installation does not need to wire to both sides of the gate. Connect the RR-11 Retroreflective Beam Sensor to the electric gate opener and put the reflector on the other side. Easy to install DIY gate sensor product to keep your electric gate safely operating.

APC retroreflective sensors can keep your automatic gate opener from opening/closing accidentally on a person, pet or vehicle. This sensor is reliable, and you don't need to worry about changing batteries. With an 11-metre range, this sensor can be used on any commercial or residential driveway gate opener. Protects by sensing for persons or vehicles in sensitive zones—easy to install (DIY) and highly reliable performance.


APC-RR-11 Retro Reflective Sensor


The retro-reflective Safety sensor set is used to prevent the closing cycle occurring during the case of the sensor path being interrupted by vehicles, trailers or any other obstacles.

If the gate begins to close and the sensor path is interrupted then the gate will stop and return to the open position.

The sensor ( which is the transmitter and receiver) is wired back to the control box of the gate system using the pre-connected cable. There is no requirement for wiring across the driveway using this type of sensor.
  • Up to 11 Metres Infrared beam operating distance

  • Only powers on when the command is given to close the gates

  • Alignment & Misalignment led to assist in the installation process

  • Resin filled for the ultimate weatherproofing


Flashing Warning Light with Booster Antenna for Automatic Gate Opener Remote Control

APC-ULA Safety Flashing Warning Light is a signal light that warns people of potential danger or hazards. While starting to operate your gate automation system, the ULA Safety Warning Light regularly flashes to draw attention to warn people.


Universal Flashing light with Built In Antenna

  • Multiple options for operating voltage from 12V - 265V in AC or DC
  • Ultra Low Consumption of less than 3W
  • Two operating modes available: Flashing illumination (1HZ) or Solid Illumination
  • Bright Orange Casing for Great Day and Night time visibility
  • Built in booster antenna connection
  • Simple wiring using two core for the light and RG58/59 for antenna
  • IP54 outdoor Rating



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