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12/24V 10A Solar Regulator (Black Casing)

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Product Information


12V/24V auto adapt,LCD display,USB Charge;
Build-in industrial micro controller;
Fully 4-stage PWM Charge management;
Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection,over-load protection;
Bual mosfet reverse current protection,low heat production;
Suitable for lead acid batteries:OPEN,AGM,GEL;


Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto adapt
Max Solar input:<50V
Charge drop:<0.2v
Discharge drop:<0.25v
Equalization: 14.6v/12v system,29.2v/24v system
Bulk:14.4v/12v system,28.8v/24v system
Acceptance:14.2v PWM/12v system,28.4v PWM/24v system
Float:13.7v/12v system,27.4v/24v system
Charge reconnect:13.8v/12v system,27.6v/24v system
Discharge stop:10.7v/12v system,21.4v/24v system
Discharge reconnect:12.6v/12v system,25.2v/24v system