24V Extra Heavy Duty Overhead Swing Motors for Garage, Shed & Barn Doors - Super Kit with 3 Remotes, Safety Sensors, Keypad, Push Button Switch & Lock

AU $1,689.00

24V Extra Heavy Duty Overhead Swing Motors for Garage, Shed & Barn Doors - Super Kit with 3 Remotes, Safety Sensors, Keypad, Push Button Switch & Lock

Product Price: AU $1,689.00

Product Code: APC-890-SMLA-DC-SK


24V DC Extra Heavy Duty
Overhead Swing Motors for Garage, Shed & Barn Doors
Extra Heavy Duty Double Swing Openers & Closers with Limit Switches
Pure Muscles, Powerful, Quiet, Long Life
Package Contents:
- 2 x Powerful 24v DC motors pre-wired with 5m of cable
- 2 x Mounting brackets
- 1 x Control panel
- 2 x Back up Batteries
- 2 x Primary linking arms
- 2 x Secondary linking arms
- 3 x Standard APC Remote controls 
- 1 x Wired Entry Keypad
- 1 x Wired Dual Exit Push Button Switch with isolation key
- 1 x Set of PE Safety Sensors
- 1 x Electric Lock
- 1 x 20m 4 Core cable for keypad, push button and sensors
- 1 x Rubber Door Stopper
- Installation Instructions
APC-890 Extra Heavy Duty 24V DC Motor

Reliability & Durability
The APC-890 Extra Heavy Duty 24V DC motor set is a powerful unit built from reliable components with a thick and strong motor drive shaft unlike most competitors models. Designed in Australia, the gears are concealed to suit all weather conditions. This system is engineered to last a long life and carries a full 12 months Warranty.

Manual Override
Easy to use manual override with 2 keys supplied with each motor, simply unlock with the key, turn the leaver and the door will be free and can be opened manually in the case of an emergency or a power outage.

24V DC Motor with All Metal Gears (No Nylon or Plastic)
This Extra Heavy Duty 24V DC motor is constructed of all solid metal gears fitted with bronze bushes all housed in a weatherproof proof cast alloy housing making this system a durable and powerful folding arm motor.

Universal Easy To Install Motor
The APC-790/890 is a universal and easy-to-install motor which is fitted with a double sided manual override to allow for installation of each motor on either the right door or the left door.

Door Size
This Tough and Robust system can handle large double doors up to 7 metres in width (2 x 3.5m doors max) - Please see more details on this further in the ad.

Door Weight
Can handle heavy doors up to a total of 800kg maximum (2 x 400kg doors max) - Please see more details on this further in the ad.

Opening Angle
Pulling to open (opening inwards) can be set to open the door up to 100°.
Pushing to open (opening outwards) can be set to open the door up to 100 °.

Limit switches
Each motor is fitted with easy-to-adjust Limit Switches which guarantees that each door will always stop in the same place.


Durable & Weatherproof
Completely weatherproof & concealed to suit all weather conditions.

Limit Switches & Manual Override
Built in double-sided manual override & limit switches.
All Metal Gear Box (NO PLASTIC OR NYLON)
Strong Metal Cut Gearing with a thick & strong 25mm Output Spline Shaft.
24V Extra Heavy Duty DC Motor
Strong DC motor with thick & strong 15mm Output Shaft.
APC Smart Control Panel
Low Consumption APC 24V Control Panel
This smart control panel is easy to connect and easy to set up, the setup button allows the doors to run one complete cycle and automatically sets a slow down for opening and closing.
The control panel is pre-wired with 1.2m cable with a 10amp power plug ready to plug into a standard weatherproof power point near the doors.

Fully Weatherproof Control Box
Deigned for all weather conditions, the control box is fully weatherproof with a seal. The swing hinged door on the control box allows for a compact and neat installation aswell as the option to secure the box with a padlock for added security. Multiple weatherproof cable glands for accessory and motor connection to the control box.

Remote Controls
The APC 4 button Remote Controls that are supplied can be used to operate different functions supported by the four channel control board.

Button 1 is for operating a double doors
Button 2 is for operating pedestrian function on a double doors installation (opening one door only)
Button 3 is for the party mode (to cancel the auto close for a particular cycle)
Button 4 is for operating a second lock (this can operate another gate or door with the use of an APC receiver)

PE Safety Sensor Connection
Energy star output, with zero consumption in standby to conserve power. PE Safety sensor connection is highly recommended.

Adjustable Auto-Close Timer
Adjustable Auto Close time up to 3 minutes. If automatic close is switched on, PE Safety Sensors are recommended as a safety precaution to stop the doors from closing if there is a car or object in the sensors view, these sensors can be found under the Sensors categeory on our website.

Party Mode
The automatic closing can be cancelled for a particular cycle using button 3 on any of the remote controls when wanting to leave the doors open. Button number 3 can be pressed on the remote control whilst the doors are in the open position and the doors will remain open until the remote is pressed again.

Back-up Batteries
Supplied with 2 x 12V DC 5Ah batteries connected in series (24V battery back-up). The back up batteries intended purpose is to allow minimal door operation in a case of power loss. The back up batteries may not fully open or fully close the door(s) during the battery operation but will allow for the user to easily access the property multiple times to use the clutch override feature of the door motor. The back up batteries can run for mulitple days and will automatically recharge when power is restored.

Electric Lock and Magnetic Lock output
An Electric Lock (power on to unlock) or a Magnetic lock (constantly powered to stay locked/power off to open) can be installed on the doors.

Overcurrent Adjustment
Built in overcurrent adjustments allow for further adjustment to suit all door sizes and weights.

A Wide Range of Controlling Options (these optional items and accessories can be found on our website)
Push Button Switches (wired or wireless)
Long Range Remote Control
Keypads (wired or wireless)
Safety Sensors
Exit Wand
Intercom System
Automatic Timer (external device)
GSM Module (GSM telephone dialer)
APC Remote Controls
APC remote controls with high security rolling code 433.92MHZ. Please see the 4 channel control panel features above for remote control functions.
Entry Keypad with Built in Card Reader
Operating Voltage 12-24V DC/ 12-18V AC
Standalone Single Relay Keypad
Block Enrolment for Quick installer setup
Up to 2000 Users
Sealed and Waterproof keypad (Conforms to IP68 Standards)
Built In Card Reader
Built In Buzzer
Normally open and normally closed contacts
Adjustable latching time
Adjustable alarm time
Keypad Lockout option
Exit Button Input
Alarm Output
4-8 Digit pin code
Metal Casing
Blue Backlight
Door Open Too Long Detection (DOTL)
Wiegand input/output (26 BIT)
Double Exit Lockable Push Button Switch
Low Voltage Double Push Button Switch with isolation key switch for operating door systems. This switch can be wired to operate any device requiring momentary switching (switch is closed while pressed and open when not pressed).
PE Safety Sensor
If PE sensors are installed:
- The door will not close while the beam is obstructed.
- The door will stop and re-open if an object obstructs the beam.
The sensors are wired back to the control panel using the supplied cables.
Detection technology: Infrared
Range: 15m max.
Frequency: 1.92Khz
Power: 12-24V AC/DC
Input: RX 15mA, TX 30mA
Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees
Relay output: 1Amp max 30V
Dimension: 49.2 x 76 21mm
Electric Lock
-Horizontal or vertical mounting
-24v DC powered collapsible lock when activated
-Solid brass rotating deadbolt
-Extra strong rotating bolt
-Unlocks when energized and locks again when energizing ceases
-Double coil
-Powder coated finish
-Dimension: 124 x 67 mm
-Single door installation: Door to post
-Double door installation: Door to ground or door to door (recommended, if a door stop is in use)
-Supplied with striker
Rubber Door Stopper
This heavy duty rubber door stop is included in this kit and is highly recommended to be used on the close position of the double swing doors, whether the installation is pull to open or push to open.
Long Arms (Primary & Secondary Arms)
Side Mount Bracket
Motor Dimensions
Strong & Thick, Powder Coated Customisable Primary & Secondary Arms.
Powder Coated Side Mounting Bracket
Motor Dimensions
Fixing Example of Closed Doors
Fixing Example of Open Doors Opening Inwards
Fixing Example of Open Doors Opening Outwards

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