APC 2 Channel Receiver for use with All APC Wireless Equipment - With Normally Open & Normally Closed Circuits

AU $50.00

Product Price: AU $50.00

Product Code: APC-RX2-MC-NONC


Product Code: APC-RX2-MC-NONC

APC 2 Channel Receiver
With Normally Open & Normally Closed Circuits

This APC Two Channel receiver is compatible with the APC range of wireless remote controls, wireless push buttons and wireless keypads. This receiver allows the user to pair in any of the APC wireless controllers for use with a different brand device such as a garage door.

For use with a garage door the user must check the following two points:

1 - The garage door must have either an open/close contact, a push button input or a manual control. (if the garage door has any of these then a receiver can be connected)

2 - The garage door must also have a 12-24V DC output in order to power the receiver. If it does not have a power output then you will need a seperate power pack to power the reciever.

This revceiver can be paired for a momentary pulse or a latching circuit.

- 433.92Mhz High Security Rolling Code
- Dual Mode Receiver with momentary and latching modes
- Normally Open and Normally Closed circuits
- Supports 12-24V AC/DC
- Single Remote Delete or Full Format
- Max switching load 24VDC/2A

Compatible Transmitters
- APC-RC400
- APC-RC450