IP Wi-Fi/CAT5/CAT6 Video Intercom Doorbell, Surface Mounted with Built in Keypad

AU $465.00AU $365.00

IP Wi-Fi/CAT5/CAT6 Video Intercom Doorbell, Surface Mounted with Built in Keypad

Product Price: AU $465.00AU $365.00

Product Code: WF-D01KP


Wi-Fi door intercom
Important Note: An Internet Connection is required to operate this system. The signal strength of the Wi-Fi internet will determine whether this system will function on Wi-Fi Signal alone or will require a Cat 5 cable running between the router and the door station. To run the system on Wi-Fi internet wirelessely, the Wi-Fi internet signal needs to be of excellent quality.

WF-D01KP:This Surface Mounted Wi-Fi door intercom is an innovative and durable intercom with a built in keypad allowing access control for a connected door or gate. The Wi-Fi door station is constructed of aluminum coupled with a rain cover for weatherproof protection.

The WF-D01KP is easy to set up and offers a clear video quality for viewing with duplex communication between the visitor and the owner.

Supplied with Rain Cover which must be used for installation.

Wi-Fi door intercom

How does it work:
When the visitor presses the call button on the door station, the unit will ring outside and also will call any/all the mobile phones and iPads programmed to the system, the user is then able to answer the call and has all the following functions:

1. Talk to the visitor
2. Open the door or gate
3. Take a video or take a picture

Additioonal to this, the user can enter a code into the built in keypad when standing at the gate or door to release the connected door or gate.

The user can use the application installed on the Mobile device/ iPads to monitor the live situation where the door station is installed. Again the user can monitor, take a video or capture a picture.

The APP for the WF-D01KP can be downloaded FREE of charge from the Goggle PLAYSTORE or from the Apple STORE.

Example on how it works
Wi-Fi door intercom
Ease of Installation:
The WF-D01KP has two connection options:
1- Wireless from door station to the router (Providing the router and the door stations are in range and the router's wi-fi connection is very good).
2- Using a CAT5 cable with RJ45 connectors between the router and the door station.
Powering the door station:
The WF-D01KP can be powered directly from the supplied 12v power pack or alternatively may be powered from a gate opening system that is able to provide a 12v DC output rated 1Amp. Alternatively, the unit can operate a striker or a lock, providing that the user provides an additional power source for the lock, please see diagram above.
Note about Cable:
The maximum cable distance from the wi-fi door station to the internet router is 70m using CAT 5, CAT5e or CAT 6 cable.
See the videos below for the Initial Set-Up of the Wi-Fi Door Station & Adding the Door Station to Additional Devices

Initial Set Up (Iphone, Ipad, iOS)



Initial Set Up (Android)



Adding the Door Station to Additional Devices
Package Contents
- Wi-fi Door Bell with Built in Keypad
- Rain Cover for Wi-fi Door Bell
- Power Adaptor
- Ethernet Cable Adaptor
- Wi-fi Antenna
- Fitting Hardware
- Auxiliary Fly Leads
Product codeWF-D01KP
TypeSurface Mounted
CompatibilityIOS or Android
Compatible APPControlcam
ConnectionRJ45 or WIFI
Audio codecG.711, G.726
Video codecH.264
Camera1 Megapixel
Camera Angle110 degrees
Resolution, Adjustable1280*720(720P) / 640*360 (VGA)
Power supplyDC, 12V, 1A
Electrical door lock using an external PS13V / 1,4A
Unlocking time:01 – 99 seconds.
Dry contact (for automatic gate)1,1 sec (relay 30V / 2A)
Connection for an option for buzzerYes
Connection for an option for exit buttonYes
Weatherproof ratingIP 55
Size215 x 113 x 50mm