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Eyevision® 4 Wire Hybrid Video Intercom Systems

Below you will find a wide range of Eyevision® 4 Wire Hybrid Video Intercom Systems.

The Hybrid Video Intercom Systems in this category are feature packed systems which offer BOTH the standard functionality of an intercom system where the user is able to see who is at the gate, speak to the guest and unlock the connected gate or door on a monitor/s inside the home
these hybrid systems also allow the user to access all these functions from an application on their smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world (when coupled with a net-link device)

In the category below there are different packages to suit different needs, some of the packages include an access control keypad camera door station to allow users to input a code to open the gate, some packages have a standard camera door station with no access control. The packages which include the net-link device are those which allow the user to access the intercom through an application on their smartphone.

For an IP/Wi-Fi Video Intercom System which offers the same functions as the hybrid systems but without the monitor inside the home please see the IP Wi-Fi/CAT5/CAT6 Video Intercom Systems Category.