i-Touch Add On monitors

i-touch 2 Wire Digital Add-on Monitors

Below you will find the add-on monitors for the i-touch & A-Bus 2 Wire Eyevision® Digital intercom systems.

These monitors are non-photographic monitors which can be added onto the A-Bus or the i-touch 2 Wire Eyevision® intercom systems to expand the system.

Expanding the system with add-on monitors will allow intercom calling throughout the house and will allow the users to view who is at the gate, speak to the visitor and unlock the gate from any of the connected monitors in the home.

These add-on non-photographic monitors DO NOT record pictures everytime the doorbell is pressed. If connecting one of these add-on monitors to an A-Bus System then the master monitor will record pictures but any slave monitors will not. If connecting one of these add-on monitors to an i-touch system then both the master and any slave monitors will not record pictures.

For an add-on monitor that is photographic please see the A-Bus add-on monitors category.

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