Extra Heavy Duty 24V Solar Powered Linear Actuator with metal gears Trade Kit

AU $1,410.00

Product Price: AU $1,410.00

Product Code: APC-T850L-SOL-TK


Product code: APC-T850L-SOL-TK
Trade Kit
Extra Heavy Duty Double Gate Opener
24V SOLAR Powered Gate Opening & Closing System
Suitable for PULL to open or PUSH to open installation

This double gate opening system is a robust, tuff, long lasting and a quiet opening and closing system for double swing gates up to a maximum of 6m in length (2 x 3m leafs - non cladded gates). The motor can handle light and heavy gates. The T850L is a sleek looking European design telescopic linear screw type actuator that is made of stainless steel with a cast aluminium motor housing.
The motor is a durable and powerful 24V unit and the gear box is heavy duty and all gears are constructed of metal (no plastic, fibre or nylon).
The T850L is fitted with an emergency manual override to allow the user to open the gate manually in case of an emergency such as a power failure situation.

For further powerful features please see the control panel specifications below.

APC-T850L-SOL-TK double gate opener kit contents:

- 2 x Heavy Duty DC motors that are pre-wired with motor cables
- 2 x Override spanner
- 2 x Remote controls
- 1 x Solar Smart Control panel
- 2 x 9Ah Batteries
- 1 x 20 Watt Solar Panel and Post

- 1 x Rubber Gate Stop
- 2 x Gate mounting brackets
- 2 x Post mounting brackets
- Instruction manual


Motor Features

  • Heavy Duty 24V Motor with powerful and quiet operation
  • Sleek European design with a compact and neat appearance
  • Easy to use manual override via the supplied keys in a power failure or emergency
  • All metal gear box driven (no plastic or nylon)
  • Can handle light and heavy gates - up to 250 kg per leaf (maximum of 500kg in total)
  • Can handle up to 3m per leaf (maximum total of 6m - non cladded gates)
  • Supplied with back up batteries which sit in the control panel so that the gate can still be operated in a power outage
  • Supplied with a control panel encompassing many features and accessory inputs such as connection of keypads, push buttons, safety sensors, auto close function and more (please see below for full control panel features)
  • Easy operation of motors via the supplied remote controls (additional remotes may be requested)
Emergency Override
Built in easy manual override in case of emergenecy such as power failure.
Actuator Dimensions
APC Smart Control Panel

Solar Control Panel:

This solar control panel comes equipped with 2 powerful 12V 9AH batteries. The control board has a low standby consumption with a built in solar regulator. The batteries are charged from the 20 watt solar collector panel with up to 24 -36v DC output.

Control Panel Features:
? Fully weatherproof with a seal
? Hinged door with a padlock slot for added security
? Over current adjustments.
? Adjustable Auto-Close time up to 3 minutes
? Party mode: The automatic closing can be cancelled using one of the remote control buttons when expecting a visitor to arrive
? Second gate lock opening supported for a service gate (250mA max.). This is an extra feature. Using the second lock output will allow the user to power and control a second electric striker installed on a service gate the second lock is powered and controlled from the control panel and via one of the remote control buttons.
? PE Sensor connection input: Energy star output, with zero consumption on standby to conserve battery power
? Smart Opening & Closing LED indicators: Green LED on during opening and Red LED on during closing

Controlling options:
(any or all of the following may be connected to operate the gate)
- Remote controls
- Entry push button with isolation key switches
- Exit push button switch
- Keypads
- Exit/entry sensors
- Intercom system with dry contact output
- Automatic switching timer
- GSM switch telephone dialer

APC-RC4BK Remote control
Rolling code 433.92MHZ. The remotes supplied have 4 buttons, 1 and 2 can be used for the gates. Buttons 3 and 4 can be used for the party mode and second lock or alternatively they can be programmed to a compatible second gate opener or a garage door(s). A compatible 2 channel reciever is available to interface to any garage doors. Please see remotes and recievers in our store to find this add on reciever for the garage door.
9Ah Batteries
2 Batteries are supplied giving you a total of 24v x 9Ah battery power to run the solar gate opener. The batteries are powerful, durable and can easily run the gate during summer and winter.
20 Watt Solar Panel
Mono Crystalline silicon solar cells 3mm tempered glass and sheet of tedlar-polyeaster-tedlar (TPT) material by two sheets of ethylene Vinyl acetate (EVA).

This protects against moisture penetrating into the module.
The solar panel is supplied with "T" bracket and short fence mounting post and a 5m cable, the solar panel is also fitted with a diode to prevent feed back from the batteries.

Maximum Power =20W
Optimum Operational Voltage =36V
Open Circuit Voltage = 43.2V
Short Circuit Current(A) = 0.65
Open Operation Current (A) = 0.56
Size:640mm x 300mmx 25mm
Gate Stop
This heavy duty rubber gate stop is included in this kit and is highly recommended to be used on the close position of the double swing gates, whether the installation is pull to open or push to open.

This automatic gate opener is suitable for:
→ Double gates up to 6m wide in total (2 x 3m leafs - non cladded gates) and not exceeding 500kg in total (2 x 250kg leafs)
→ Free flowing gates with good hinges
→Suitable for farm gates, and installations without any power points at the gates or near the gates
Important Requirements

Power Source:
This Gate opener is solar powered, it is supplied with 2 x 9.Ah batteries (18Ah total) and recharged via the 20 watts solar panel, the control board has a built in solar regualtor.
Other powering options of external transformer or internal transformer systems available for applications with power at the gate or within 20m of the gate, call 0414 247 359 for further assistance and understanding of the powering options.

Gear Type Metal worm gear
Power supply
Solar Panel
Power to motor
24v DC
Battery backup
2 x 12v 9Ah (24V x 9Ah)
Manual override
Via override keys supplied
Working temperature
-20° - 50°
Duty Cycle
Maximum stroke
540mm (without limit switches)
Gates size
6m max (2 x 3m leafs)
Gate weight
500kg max (2 x 250kg leafs)
RF frequency Rolling code 433.92mhz
Prices & GST:
All prices include GST.
The automatic gate operating system will be delivered via Australia post couriers, the products will be registered and insured.
The purchased product will be dispatched immediately on the day of purchase if the order and payment is completed before 12pm otherwise it will be dispatched the following day.
Customers can pickup the automatic gate opener from factory 53 Cochranes Road Moorabbin, Victoria 3189.
All the gate openers supplied are pre tested and of good quality long lasting and have a 12 Months back to base warranty on the complete system.