60W 17aH Solar Upgrade

AU $380.00AU $295.00

60W 17aH Solar Upgrade

Product Price: AU $380.00AU $295.00

Product Code: 60WR4OFW44

Product Code: SP-UP60-17

UPGRADE to a 60W Watt Solar Package 17aH Capacity
when you purchase an APC Solar System
Please note that this product cannot be purchased individually OR as an upgrade with a DC or Low Voltage APC gate automation system, it must be purchased at the same time as an APC SOLAR Powered gate automation system. If purchased individually or with any kit other than the APC 24V Solar Powered Systems the order will not be valid and will be cancelled.

The 24V 60 Watt Solar Package consists of a 60W Solar Panels & Posts along with an upgrade to an external marine battery enclosure containing 2x 17aH batteries, this upgrade is suitable for purchase with any APC 24V solar powered gate automation system at this special upgrade price.
The 24V APC gate automation systems are supplied with a 24V 20 Watt Solar Panel & Post, this upgrade will effectively remove the 2x9aH batteries along with the 20 Watt Solar Panel & Post out of the automation kit and will be replaced with the kit contents listed below.
This upgrade will boost the standard kits charging rate by upto THREE times and an upgrade battery capacity to 17aH which is almost double the original systems capacity.
Please note, upgrading to a larger solar panel does not mean that issues caused by poor shading and too may trees where the solar panel is installed will be solved as they will NOT be solved and upgrading to a larger solar panel will NOT fix those issues. Please see a note on solar down below.

- 1x 60 Watt Solar Panel
- Solar Panel Mounting Posts and plates to suit
- External Battery Enclosure
- Nuts, Bolts and Washers
- Saddle Clamps
- Rubber Pads
- T Brackets

Understanding Solar
1. A solar panel CANNOT be installed under a tree, it requires sun to charge and maintain the batteries.
2. A solar system is often maintenance free BUT the batteries may require an occasional external charge in the winter months due to lack of sun.
3. Constantly powered accessories such as wired keypads will increase the standby current draw, solar panel or battery upgrades may be required if insufficient sun collection is not achieved.

Solar Panels
Open Circuit Voltage42.48V
Optimum Operating Voltage36V
Short Circuit Current1.83A
Optimum Operating Current1.66A
Dimensions805 x 535 x 30MM
CellsMono Crystalline
Nominal Voltage (V)V 12
Nominal Capacity17aH
Weight (Approx)5.5kg
Battery Box
Quality, vented, marine battery boxes manufactured from black hi-density, reinforced polyethylene which is impervious to battery acids. Includes sturdy carrying handles, two vents and the lid has 4 recesses to allow for cable entry. Dimensions: 345x195x220mm