APC 3G GSM Receiver with ability to store data and download to PC, programmable via APP

AU $225.00AU $112.50

APC 3G GSM Receiver with ability to store data and download to PC, programmable via APP

Product Price: AU $225.00AU $112.50

Product Code: APC-GSM-CH2-3G

3G GSM Receiver

Programmable through the use of an APP or via USB connection to a PC

3G GSM device allowing all programmed users to ring the device from anywhere, at anytime with the ability to store data which can be downloaded to a PC for security and monitoring purposes.
3G GSM Receiver
How does it work:
1. An active sim card needs to be installed in the device (using the sim card in this device will not cost anything if you turn off alerts but the sim card needs to be active and able to receive incoming calls).
2. The device is then wired to the relevant system that needs to be operated and up to 999 users can be programmed through the use of an APP which can be downloaded through the google play store or through a PC.
3. When any of these programmed numbers ring the device, it will ring once, reject the call and proceed to opening/closing the system. The device can be dialed from anywhere at any time by any of the programmed users.
4. Historical data such as date, time, users phone number and the action performed can all be downloaded when the device is connected to a PC via the USB cable provided which further increases monitoring and security.
- OPEN/CLOSE or turn ON/OFF access control systems, automatic gate systems, machines and lots more.
- Ring the system from anywhere in the world.
- Caller ID used for verification - unknown numbers are ignored.
- Up to 999 authorized phone numbers can be configured at a time.
- SMS confirmation to authorized phone number or master user when system is triggered to OPEN/CLOSE or turn ON/OFF.
- Up to 1000 events can be stored, data can be downloaded onto a PC.
- Easy to configure device by connection to a PC or via an application which can be downloaded from the google play store.
3G Frequency
Digital Input
2 NC/NO dry contact
Digital Output
1 Relay, 3A/240VAC
Siren Output
DC Power Supply
Power Consumption
12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA
Temperature Range
-20 - +60°C
130 x 74 x 27 (mm)
Package Contents
- 1 x GSM Receiver
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x Power Pack
- 1 x User Manual