A-Bus Keypad Systems

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The Building & Apartment A-Bus Keypad Intercom Systems Page

Below you will find a wide range of Eyevision® 2 Wire Digital Building & Apartment Keypad Intercom Systems.

The A-Bus intercom systems in this category are photographic, meaning the system will record photos of all guests who ring the doorbell.
For an i-touch apartment intercom system which does not record photos please see the i-touch keypad systems category. Please note: The most suitable intercom systems for larger quantity & higher volume apartment installations are the i-touch keypad systems.

Each system in this category is coupled with an apartment keypad door station with a built in RFID (FOB) reader to allow guests and users to input a code or to swipe a tag to unlock a connected gate or door. For a direct button apartment intercom system which has a built in RFID (FOB) reader but DOES NOT have a keypad please see the A-bus direct button systems category.
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