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Net-Link is used to connect the Eyevision® Hybrid Video Intercom Systems to the internet in the home allowing the system to call the programmed Smart Phone & Tablets via an APP called Controlcam

Net-Link is an add-on accessory used in conjuction with the 4 Wire Eyevision® Hybrid Video Intercom Systems to allow the intercom system to call up to four programmed smart phones or tablets when the doorbell is pressed. It is connected to the hybrid intercom system and to the internet router in the home and is controlled via an application called Controlcam which can be downloaded through the Google PLAYSTORE (Android) or from the APP STORE (iPhone or iPad). With this application the user can view, talk and take photos & videos on demand onto their mobile phone or tablet device. The Net-Link can be connected to the internet in either of following ways:

  1. Wi-Fi Connection between the router and the Net-Link.
  2. RJ45 Ethernet Cable Connection between the router and the Net-Link.

How Does an Eyevision® Hybrid Video Intercom System work with a Net-Link:

When the visitor presses the call button on the door station, any connected indoor monitors will ring. The system will also call any/all the Smart phones and Tablets programmed to the system, the user is then able to answer the call from any installed monitors inside the house or any smart phones/tablets programmed to the system and has all the following functions:

  1. Talk to the visitor
  2. Open the door or gate
  3. Take a video or take a picture (on the tablet or smart phone through the application)

The user can use the application installed on the Smart Phone/Tablet to monitor real time (LIVE) where the door station is installed. Again the user can monitor, take a video or capture a picture whilst using the application.

More Information & Packages for the Eyevision® Hybrid Video Intercom Systems can be found under the Category 4 Wire Hybrid Video Intercom Systems.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Net-Link
  • 1 x 12V DC Power Adapter