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The Eyevision® i-Touch 7sd is a 7” Touch Screen video intercom system which is feature packed whilst extremely user friendly.
This system is loved by all ages as it offers both an ultra modern touch screen for operation and a simple to use graphic user interface.

The unlock feature on the monitor allows the user to unlock a gate or door that is connected to the system.
This unlock feature can be expanded through the use of an RLC, creating a second unlock option accessable through all installed monitors.

Further to this, the master monitor of the system has multi-shot photo memory which may be easily set by the user to take 1, 4 or 8 photos in intervals when a visitor rings the doorbell. This handy feature allows pictures of the visitor to be captured even if they are moving around.

This system supports the use of a quad splitter which allows the user to view up to 3 connected CCTV cameras along with the 1 connected door station on the same screen at the same time.

Similar to all eyevision® systems, this system may be expanded to increase communcation throughout the residence by adding up to 4 monitors in the same residence (5 in total).

Up to 4 Door Stations may be installed to this system at different entry points of a residence through the use of an MDS. All 4 of these door stations can be viewed on demand by selection from the menu.

Please see below for functions of RLC, MDS and Quad Splitter.

Expandability of the system

- Expandable up to 1 CCTV camera without an MDS by connecting the camera straight to the monitor.
- Exapandable up to 3 CCTV cameras with 1 Door Station using a quad splitter (see description below).
- Can connect with 3 other door stations using MDS (see diagram below).
- The touch screen monitor supports two unlocking/opening operation of two locks, two automatic gates or one of each. The second lock feature requires the use of an RLC (see diagram below).


-True Colour 7" Digital TFT Screen
-Graphic User Interface
-Night door bell volume setting to normal, low or mute (adjustable time)
-Intercom calling between installed monitors with a setup choice of all monitors calling OR a specific room
-12 Door Bell Melodies to choose from
-120MB Internal Flash Memory
-SD Card Input for added storage
-Multi Shot Photo 1/4/8
-Digital Photo Frame Function/Album Function


Power Supply

16-24V DC

Power Consumption

Standby: 1,2W, Working: 8W


7" Digital TFT Monitor

Display Resolution:

800*3(RGB)*480 Pixels

Built-in memory

120MB on board (expandable with SD card input)


4 Wires, polarity


125 (H) x 225 (W) x 23 (D) mm

Monitor Functions

Calendar Screen:

The Calendar Screen appears everytime the screen is touched when in standby. Once the screen is touched again the user will be taken to the main menu.

Main Menu:

The Main Menu which comprises of a graphic user interface is the starting point which appears consecutively after the calander screen, displaying all the monitors functions.
The monitor is touch screen making it easy to manouver through the set up and the different functions available.

Monitor Date and Time Setting:

The Relevant Date and Time may be set when the system is first installed and may be changed at any time through the date and time setup function.

Ring Volume and Night Ring Volume Setting:

Ring Volume for night time and day time may be set separetly by the user. If you don't want to be disturbed at night you can set the night volume to mute. This is adjustable at any time through the ring volume function. This system has an adjustable time function which allows the user to easily set the time frame in which they would like a certain ring volume. For example, the user may set the ring volume to mute between 10pm and 7am.

Memory Playback:

The Memory Playback function allows the user to view all pictures that have been captured and stored on the system. 4 pictures will be displayed on the screen at a time when in playback mode.
The system has 120MB built in memory with expandable SD card capabilities for all master monitors.

Intercom Calling Function:

The Intercom Calling Function is activated when multi monitors are installed. Intercom calling may be initiated by any of the installed monitors, allowing communication between all the installed monitors. The intercom calling function allows the user to call all monitors at once or a specified room.

Quad Function:

The Quad Function is activated when a quad splitter is installed allowing the screen to be split into 4 which in turn allows the user to view 1 Door Station and up to 3 seperate CCTV cameras which are connected to the system, on the same screen.

As seen in the screen shot on the left, the system also provides the option of viewing up to 4 connected door stations. This can be activated through the use of an MDS.

Album Function:

The Album Playback function acts as a digital photo frame which plays all the pictures which are present on the inserted SD card. This function allows the user to set a maximum playing time between 1-999 minutes. The amount of time set by the user determines how long the monitor will display the pictures on the SD card.

Add on Accessories

Quad Splitter:
The Quad Splitter module is designed for the purpose of quad splitting four images from 4 different cameras on the monitor of this video intercom system.
When a quad splitter is used with this intercom system it splits the screen into 4 when the quad function is accessed through the menu. This allows the user to see the connected door station along with 3 other camera's.
This module requries an external 12V DC Power Supply.

This module can be found under 4 wire accessories on our website.

The MDS module is used for the connection of up to 4 camera's to this intercom system. It allows the connection of either of the following:

- 1 Door Station & 3 CCTV Camera's
- 2 Door Stations & 2 CCTV Camera's
- 3 Door Stations & 1 CCTV Camera

This module will only allow the user to view seperate channels (not split).

This module can be found under 4 wire accessories on our website.

This intercom system supports 2 unlocking functions, one of which requires an RLC to activate it. The RLC module allows the user to unlock 2 pedestrian gates or operate 2 electric gates or one of each.

This module can be found under 4 wire accessories on our website.

Package Contents:

- 1 x Eyevision® 7" Touch Screen Monitor with Photographic Memory
- 1 x Power Pack
- 1 x User Manual

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