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Product SKU: A-BusV7SDBK-dmr11S-8ID

Direct Button Outdoor Station - 8 Apartment System Complete Package with 7 Inch Monitors

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  • Includes 16 Swipe Tags and a 160m Roll of cable

  • Kit Includes

    01 7 Inch SD Series Add On Monitor(QTY: 8)
    02 8 Button Direct Door Station with RFID Reader(QTY: 1)
    03 Type A Multi Monitor Distributor(QTY: 2)
    04 24V Central Power Supply(QTY: 1)
    05 DPS Power Seperator(QTY: 1)
    06 Em Swipe Tag(QTY: 8)
    07 200m Cable, Twisted pair 1mm thick for use with the Eyevision 2 wire systems(QTY: 1)
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Product Information







For 8 Apartments NO polarity 2 Wires System With User-friendly true colour touch screen monitors

Product code: A-BusV7SDBK-dmr11S-8ID

Package Contents

8 Apartments A-Bus 7inch 2 wires video intercom system

1 x 8 Call buttons door station with swipe card reader
1 x Recess box for mounting the door station
8 x 7" Photographic true colour touch screen monitors
16 x Swipe cards (2 for each apartment)
1 x 24V Power Supply with AC plug
2 x DBC-4 Distributor
1 x DPS signal separator
160m 2 wire twisted cable
Installation manual

The future is here, A-Bus digital technology at its best, the A-Bus 2 wire video intercom system with colour digital clarity and is packed with features..

Monitors features:
- Ultra thin with total depth of 23mm.
- True colour 7" Digital TFT screen.
- Touch screen operation with easy to use menus.
- Touch sensor buttons for quick access.
- OSD Graphic menu display.
- Adjustable monitoring time.
- Night door bell volume setting to normal, low or mute (6pm to 6am).
- Intercom calling between installed monitors with a setup choice of all monitors calling OR a specific room number.
- Second door bell connection to a specific monitor, using a standard press button will allow the monitor to ring.
- Internal or external 12v buzzer connection.
- 12 Door bell melodies to choose from.
- The touch screen monitor supports 2 unlocking/opening operation of 2 locks, 2 automatic gates or 1 of each.
- Multi monitors connections with a choice of 2 connection methods as follows, (or see the connection examples below),
1. Monitors looping (in-out) (max 14 monitors).
2. DBC-4 distributors (max 16 monitors for villa and 32 monitors for apartments).
- 120MB Internal flash memory.
- 2 or 4 GB Micro sd card can be supplied on request (the sd card allows extra storage of captured photos by the system or storage of family photos for later viewing using the digital photo frame function).
- Home and away auto photo capture memory.
- Programmable 1, 4, or 8 automatic photo capture of your visitor.
- High resolution digital photo frame function.

Add-on Monitors
This system and all the Eyevision 2 wires systems can be easily expanded to..
3 monitors in each apartment
36 apartments

Available functions and available add-on modules
DCU module will allow..
Light control switching
Up to 2 CCTV camera connection per DCU (Max DCU 2 allowed).

DBC-4 module will allow..
Up to 4 entry door stations per DBC-4.
DBC-4 for multi monitors connection (max 4 monitors per DBC-4 and max 4 DBC-4 per system).
Please note, the max number of video input (door stations or CCTV) is 6.

Monitor's Specifications

Power Supply

24V DC Supplied by system power supply

Power Consumption

Standby 15mA, Working 400mA

Screen size

7" Colour TFT LCD


800*3(RGB)*480 pixels

Built-in Memory


Picture Memory

800 pictures on internal memory and 30000 pictures on a 2 GB SD card

Monitor Dimension

125(H) x 225(W) x 23(Thick)


Door station

Neat design door station, weatherproof, Anodized aluminum construction, with ID swipe card, allowing the owners to open the lock from the outside.
Compatible with all of the Eyevision® 2 wires monitors.

Door Station Features:

  • Fully anodized aluminum panel

  • High performance SONY colour CCD camera

  • Adjustable camera angle

  • Night -view 6 LED with CDS light sensor

  • Backlit name plate for each button

  • Proximity access function for EM cards

  • Use DIP switches for multi Door Station configuration

  • Direct connect to electronic lock of 12VDC

  • Exit button option

  • Plug -in connector to connect bus line

  • RS485 terminals for connecting with a computer to configure room names or numbers or debugging


  • Power supply: 24Vdc(supplied by PS5)

  • Power Consumption: 1W in standby, 15 W in working

  • Unlock Power output: 12Vdc 300mA

  • NO, COM exchange contact: Max. 48V dc 1.5A

  • Mono stable relay activation time:  1 second to 10 minutes ±5%

  • Working temperature:  -5ºC +45ºC

  • Recess mount, please illustration


  • 308mm High

  • 124mm Wide

  • 65mm Deep

Hole size:

  • 298.5mm High

  • 114.5mm Wide

  • 45mm Deep

8 Apartments A-Bus 7inch 2 wires video intercom system

2 Wires apartments systems capabilities

Multi Monitors: This 2 wire system allows for each unit/apartment to connect up to 3 monitors with the ability to intercom between the installed monitors within the unit/apartment.
Multi Door stations connection: The system can handle the connection of 3 door stations using an additional DBC-4
Multi CCTV cameras connections: The system allows for connecting up to 6 CCTV cameras using additional DCU's.
Internal Intercom with multi monitors: Up to 3 monitors may be installed in each apartment with full intercom communications between.
Intercom calling others in the apartment block: Yes this system gives you the potion to intercom call and receive calls from other owners in the same building.
Unlocking output: The system supports an electric striker operation, a power supply is required if the electric striker/lock needs more than 300mA.
Manual Switch Unlocking: The system allows for a connection of an override switch to manually open the lock using a push button switch.
Light control: A safety light can be installed and will activate when the door bell is pressed.
Door bell call button connection: The system provides an output from the monitor that can be connected to an external call button, if connected and when used the door bell will ring but without picture, also the external buzzer will ring if connected.
External Buzzer connection: The system provides an output from the monitor that can be connected to an external buzzer with consumption not more that 12V 100mA.
Programming and debugging: The system is capable of being connected to a PC (software available on request) to program the rooms names or numbers.
TV Connection:
The system provides an output from the monitor that can be connected to a television, if connected and when the visitor calls from the door station, the video signal will be present at the television, turn on the AV channel to see the visitor.

Cable Requirement

8 Apartments A-Bus 7inch 2 wires video intercom system

This system is supplied with twisted pair cables, please see package contents.
CAT5 up to 80m between the door station and each apartment.
Straight Pair 1mm2 up to 50m between the door station and each apartment.
Twisted Pair 1mm2 up to 120m between the door station and each apartment.
Twisted Pair 1.5mm2 up to 200m between the door station and each apartment.
Recommendation: The i-Touch V2 is a very powerful monitor and will deliver high quality video and audio, it is recommended to use the best quality cables the will suit your installation, allows use cables with very good quality copper conductor in order to maximize the clarity of the i-Touch V2.
If you are not committed to cable such as CAT5 or Straight Pair, then it is highly recommended to use a Twisted pair between 1mm2 & 1.5mm2, using this cable will guarantee the best optimized results in video and audio transmission for up to 200m.

Wiring layout example of a simple 4 apartments system

8 Apartments A-Bus 7inch 2 wires video intercom system

Wiring example of the capabilities of the powerful expansion features of the A-Bus system

8 Apartments A-Bus 7inch 2 wires video intercom system

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