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Product SKU: CV-398P

BEAM Platinum 398 Power Unit

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Product Information

BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398

The 398 BEAM Platinum Central Vacuum System is a single motor unit designed to clean large size homes. The system is supplied with an Exhaust Silencer which reduces the noise of the system for a quieter clean. This system has its own Progression hose and wand designed specifically for this unit to allow for an effecient and easy clean.

Further to this the system has many features such as:

- By-Pass Motor
- Utility Valve
- Translucent Bucket
- Self Cleaning Filter
- Durable Steel Body
- Leight-weight hose handle designed for this unit

Please see further down below for further information on these features.

Please Note: The Progression Hose Kit is not supplied with this power unit however to purchase a package which includes this power unit along with the Progression Hose Kit & Accessories please see the Complete Systems category.

Power Unit Features:
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398

Sound-Off Muffler

Significantly reduces motor noise able to vacuum without waking up the neighbourhood.

By-Pass Motor

With a powerful 7.2" by-pass motor, BEAM  will not lose suction and continue to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris from the home for many years to come.

Self Cleaning Filter

You'll never need to clean your filter.  The GORE-TEX™ Self Cleaning Filter cleans itself every time you turn your vacuum off. 

Durable Steel Body

Able to last the lifetime of the power unit.

BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398

Ergonomic Handle

Vacuum you home effortlessly with the light-weight, ergonomic hose handle design.


Utility Valve

Convenient utility valve lets you easily clean in the area around the vacuum unit without having to connect to an inlet valve in the wall. 

Extra Large Bucket

Extra large translucent bucket helps monitor dirt level without having to disconnect bucket.

Sure Seal Twist Lock

The twist lock contains the dirt within the bucket and allows for easy disposal of the contents.

Advantages of the Central Vacuum System over a Portable Vacuum System?
- Conventional Portable Vacuums can re-circulate dusty air whereas a Central Vacuum System removes dirt and dust completely.
- Conventional Vacuums can be heavy to carry and can cause damage around the house to walls and furniture when dragging from room to room whereas with a Central Vacuum system the hose is leightweight and easy to carry and is flexible in cleaning those hard to reach places.
- The BEAM Central Vacuum systems have a larger motor than the conventional portable vacuum in turn providing better suction and better cleaning.
- BEAM Central Vacuum Systems have a self-cleaning filter with a very large capacity dirt bucket which does not need to be emptied often (approximately two times a year) whereas portable vacuums have a filter that needs to be replaced very regularly.
Compatible Hose Kit & Features (Not Supplied in this kit):
The BEAM Progression Hose Kit below is the compatible hose kit for the BEAM Platinum Central Vacuum Systems. This hose kit is not supplied but is available for purchase in a package with this power unit under the Complete Systems Category.
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398
BEAM Platinum 398

Ergonomic Handle

Vacuum you home effortlessly with the light-weight, ergonomic hose handle design.

Telescopic Wand

Clean stairs and those hard to reach places easily with the convenience of a telescopic wand for extended reach. 

Combo Floor Tool

Vacuum many different floor types within your home with one tool, easily switching from bare floor to carpeted surfaces.

Crush Proof Hose

The rigid construction of the crush proof hose allows you to clean without having to worry about kinks, flattening or loss of suction.

Central Vacuum System Specifications:
Model CV-398P
Voltage 230 V
Service Distance 90m
Airwatts 625
Airflow (l/s) 65.21
Waterlift (mm) 3350
Motor 7.2" By-Pass Motor
Max. Inlets (9m hose) 14
Watts 1600
Amps (maximum) 7.1
Size (w x h) 35.5cm x 112cm
Sound Suppression (ASTM, IEC) 71 dB
Sure-Seal Twist Bucket 25L
Utility Valve Not Powered
Filtration Self-Cleaning Filter
Supplied Components:

- CV-398P BEAM Platinum Central Vacuum System Power Unit
- BEAM Exhaust Silencer

Please Note: The Progression hose kit is not supplied but available for purchase seperately in 9 metres and 12 metres under the Hose Kits Category OR as part of a package with this power unit under Complete Systems Category.