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Product SKU: CV-700TC

BEAM Alliance 700TC Power Unit

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Product Information

BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC

BEAM Alliance 700TC

BEAM Alliance 700TC
The 700TC BEAM Alliance Power Unit has a high effeciency motor which uses 30% less energy and is designed for large families living in large homes. This innovative central vacuum system has its own Alliance hose and wand designed specifically for this unit which communicates with the systems LED screen for key system performance details and it has 100% suction to the floor. The system is supplied with an Exhaust Silencer which reduces the noise of the system for a quieter clean. Further to this the system has many features such as:

- Intelligent Smart Screen
- Press & Release Bucket
- Quick Clean Valve
- Self Cleaning Filter
- Fully Sealed Wand & Hose Designed specifically for this unit (not supplied)

Please see further down below for further information on these features.

Please Note: The Alliance Variable Hose Kit is not supplied with this power unit however to purchase a package which includes this power unit along with the Alliance Variable Speed Hose Kit & Accessories please see the Complete Systems category.
Power Unit Features:
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
Intelligent Smart Screen

Intelligent Smart Screen provides continuous communication to the hose handle and displays key system performance updates on motor speed, suction level, hose link, icon and when to empty the dirt receptable.

Press & Release Bucket

Simply press down on any two points around the ring and pull down to empty bucket. The bucket easily lifts into place with one hand.

Quick Clean Valve

Opens easily with the touch of a finger. The Quick Clean Valve is powered and lets you turn the system on/off from the hose handle. Use for quick clean-ups around the area of the power unit.

Self Cleaning Filter

The exclusive BEAM Self Cleaning Filter with GORE-TEX™ technology filters 98% of particles at 0.3 microns. It protects the motor for prolonged life, maintaining superior suction performance.

Advantages of the Central Vacuum System over a Portable Vacuum System?
- Conventional Portable Vacuums can re-circulate dusty air whereas a Central Vacuum System removes dirt and dust completely.
- Conventional Vacuums can be heavy to carry and can cause damage around the house to walls and furniture when dragging from room to room whereas with a Central Vacuum system the hose is leightweight and easy to carry and is flexible in cleaning those hard to reach places.
- The BEAM Central Vacuum systems have a larger motor than the conventional portable vacuum in turn providing better suction and better cleaning.
- BEAM Central Vacuum Systems have a self-cleaning filter with a very large capacity dirt bucket which does not need to be emptied often (approximately two times a year) whereas portable vacuums have a filter that needs to be replaced very regularly.
Compatible Hose Kit & Features (Not Supplied in this kit):
The BEAM Alliance Variable Speed Hose Kit below is the compatible hose kit for the BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum Systems. This hose kit is not supplied but is available for purchase in a package with this power unit under the Complete Systems Category.
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC

Fingertip Controls

Light weight ergonomic handle with finger tip controls easily adjusts the amount of suction with a touch of a button.

Alliance Interface

The Alliance monitoring system communicates with the LED interface of the hose handle to keep you informed about the level of performance of the system while vacuuming.

3-in-1 Cleaning Tool

With the on-board 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool you’ll always have the right tool at hand. Easily converts from a dusting brush to crevice and fabric tool.

Double-D Nozzle

The exclusive double-D nozzle and fully sealed AeroPro™ hose & wand provide increased performance and less noise.

BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC
BEAM Alliance 700TC

Telescopic Wand

Clean stairs and those hard to reach places effortlessly with the convenience of a telescopic wand.

Combo Floor Tool

Vacuum many different floor types within your home with one tool that easily switches from bare floor to carpeted surfaces.

Crush-Proof Hose

Rigid construction allows you to clean without having to worry about kinks, flattening, or loss of suction.

Hose Hanger

Store your hose easily in a closet with hanger that can hold a 9, 10 or 12 meter hose.

Central Vacuum System Specifications:
Model CV-700TC
Voltage 230 V / 240 V
Service Distance 85m
Airwatts 700
Airflow (l/s) 52.9
Waterlift (mm) 3610
Motor HE Flow-Thru
Max. Inlets (9m hose) 12
Watts 1600
Amps (maximum) 7
Size (w x h) 28 cm x 108cm
Sound Suppression (ASTM, IEC) 68 dB
Press & Release Bucket 15L
Quick Clean Valve Powered
Filtration Self-Cleaning Filter
Smart Screen Intelligent
Supplied Components:

- CV-700TC BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum System Power Unit
- BEAM Exhaust Silencer

Please Note: The Alliance hose kit is not supplied but is available for purchase seperately in 9 metres and 12 metres under the Hose Kits Category OR as part of a package with this power unit under Complete Systems Category.