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Product SKU: APC-WF-CH1

APC-WiFi Switch

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Product Information

Wi-Fi Switch

With Schedule Daily / Weekly Timer

Remotely Control any of the following

Using Your Mobile Phone


Wi-Fi Switch

The APC-WF-CH1 is a highly versatile receiver module allowing you to control your automation, security or access control system from anywhere in the world via your smart phone. The WF-CH1 uses your Wi-Fi to connect to the cloud server for a quick and reliable response.
The user is able to open the application "E-WeLink" on a smart phone or tablet device to operate the connected automation, security or access control system from anywhere in the world.

Schedule Daily / Weekly Timer:
Further features built into the operator include an automatic timed scheduled operation allowing up to 8 stored scheduled times.
Example: You can set a timer to open the automatic gate at 8am and close at 5pm or you can set a timer to operate up to 8 times.


  • Adjustable delay time from 3, 6 & 9 seconds
  • Option of switching or latching relay
  • Schedule timer setting
  • Operate from anywhere in the world via your smart phone
  • Compatible application: E-WeLink
  • Program one master user and unlimited slave users
  • Option to activate the connected system manually when needed or program timed
  • Schedules to open/close your gate, security or alarm system


  • This module must be installed within Wi-Fi range
  • A pairing procedure must be followed
  • 7-32V DC power required (power packs are available upon request)

Basic Connection Diagram

Wi-Fi Switch


Operating Voltage: 7-32V DC
Current: 20mA Standby 80mA Operating current
Maximum Latching Current: 10A
Relay Type: Latching/Timed Relay (3s,6s,9s)
Users: 1 Master user, multiple slave users
Automatic Timer: Scheduled/One time/Countdown (max 8)
Distance to Router: 15-20 Meters