APC 12V Automatic Electric Gate Lock


Product Information

Electric Gate Lock

12V DC Electric Gate Lock With Rotating Bolt and Including 5m of Cable
for both horizontal and vertical mounting
12v DC Electric gate lock with rotating deadbolt
No power consumption while locked, EL-12V electric gate lock with a revolutionary rotating bolt is ideally suited for driveway gates (single gate and double gates), swimming pool gates, pedestrian entry gates, and garage and shed swing doors. it can be operated in conjunction with most gate openers and access control systems, it has a spring loaded tongue that goes into lock mode when the gate is pushed close and when energized with 12v DC the tongue rotates by 45 degrees causing the gate to move away from the striker plate, it can be mounted on double or single gates. 
Electric Gate Lock

Horizontal or vertical mounting.
12v DC powered collapsible lock when activated.
Solid brass rotating deadbolt.
Extra strong rotating bolt.
Unlocks when energized and locks again when energizing ceases.
Double coil.
Powder coated finish.
Dimension: 124 x 67 mm.
Single gate installation: Gate to post.
Double gate installation: Gate to ground or gate to gate (recommended, if a gate stop is in use).
Supplied with the striker.


Driveway Electric Gate Lock
Pedestrian Electric Gate Lock
Swimming Pool Electric Lock
Garage Swing Door Electric Lock


The EL-12V is suitable for pull to open gates application (gates swinging inwards), other push to open locks are available on request.

EL-2000 dimensions Electric Gate Lock
Package Contents:

1 x Electric Gate Lock
3 x Keys
1 x Striker plate
1 x 5m 2 core cable


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