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Product SKU: CV-AHK12-VS

12m Alliance Variable Speed Hose Kit for use with BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum Systems

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Product Information

Product Code: CV-AHK12-VS


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12m Alliance Variable Speed Hose Kit
for use with BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum Systems
This Light-weight and ergonomic variable speed hose kit encompasses the BEAM Alliance Interface allowing the power unit and hose handle to communicate to each other for optimal system performance monitoring.
Variable Speed Hose Features


fingertip controls
alliance interface
3 in 1 cleaning tool
double d nozzle

Fingertip Controls

Lightweight ergonomic handle with fingertip controls easily adjusts the amount of suction with a touch of a button.

Alliance Interface

The Alliance monitoring system communicates with the LED interface of the hose handle to keep you informed about the level of performance of the system while vacuuming.

3-in-1 Cleaning Tool

With the onboard 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool you’ll always have the right tool at hand. Easily converts from a dusting brush to crevice and fabric tool.

Double-D Nozzle

The exclusive double-D nozzle and fully sealed AeroPro™ hose & wand provide increased performance and less noise.

telescopic wand
combo floor tool
crush proof hose
hose hanger

Telescopic Wand

Clean stairs and those hard to reach places effortlessly with the convenience of a telescopic wand.

Combo Floor Tool

Vacuum many different floor types within your home with one tool that easily switches from bare floor to carpeted surfaces.

Crush-Proof Hose

Rigid construction allows you to clean without having to worry about kinks, flattening, or loss of suction.

Hose Hanger

Store your hose easily in a closet with a hanger that can hold a 9, 10 or 12-meter hose.


Kit Contents

- 12m Alliance Variable Speed Hose
- Alliance telescopic wand
- Alliance rug & floor tool
- Alliance bare floor tool
- Alliance 3-in-1 tool
- Alliance clip-on caddy
- Alliance double-D adaptor
- Hose Rack